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Why Businesses Need Private Jets to Stay More Competitive

“The ultra-high costs of hundreds of non-productive travel hours each year are very justifiable.” Said no business, ever. As the business world grows increasingly competitive and highly skilled employees are presented with more and more enticing options, corporations invest in the use of private jets in order to stay on the cutting edge. However, owning a fleet of jets is no longer necessary with today’s varied options when it comes to chartering, fractional ownership, and memberships.

Fortunately, flying private has many perks, not just for the travelers themselves but for the corporations employing them, too. One of the main benefits of flying private is the ability to maximize time and make traveling as seamless, efficient, and convenient as possible. Private aviation rewards its travelers with speed-the ability to close deals at a moment’s notice.

Flying private also puts complete control in the hands of the traveler, unlike commercial flights. Travelers can stipulate exactly when, where, and even how they wish to fly, rather than being subject to whatever routes and schedules the airlines decide to offer. Plus, they receive complete and utter privacy on private flights, which provide a space for private conversations and sensitive business negotiations to take place even while airborne.

Corporations are wise to invest in private flight options, be it a membership program, chartering, or some other arrangement. Even first class may not cut it for the business that emphasizes speed, efficiency, and productivity. “While executives are productive 30% of the time while on a commercial carrier, they are found to be productive about 80% of the time they are traveling on a company aircraft,” per report from the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA).

According to Magellan Jets’ co-founder and CEO Anthony Tivnan, “One large shift we’ve seen in the past decade has been aircraft owners’ (both corporate and private) willingness to help offset their expenses by placing their unused days (availability) into the Part 135 charter market. … Across the industry, Part 135 has experienced the largest year-over-year growth since 2008, including over a nine percent increase from 2016 to 2017,” Tivnan wrote in an article for Elite Traveler.

Many business travelers enjoy the utterly seamless experience flying private provides. Rather than showing up hours early to endure long security lines and waiting to board an oversold flight that is potentially delayed, private flyers simply show up at their scheduled departure time, identify themselves, and then board an aircraft that is fully stocked with items and amenities to meet their specific needs.

Private travelers show up to meetings rested and relaxed, and have flexible travel schedules that allow them to show up where they need to be, when they need to be there. If your business travels more than 100 hours each year, you might consider a jet membership as your safety net: our Elevate jet membership consists of 9 jet-specific programs with ALL INCLUSIVE rates, no peak/blackout days and no interchange fee, so you can alternate between various aircraft without any additional costs. We look forward to hearing from you.

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