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AINonline talks with Magellan Jets about private jets during coronavirus crisis

AINonline recently released an in-depth article on the current state of business aviation and the use of private jets during the ongoing coronavirus crisis. The independent aviation publication spoke with several industry leaders and experts, including Magellan Jets CEO Joshua Marc Hebert, about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on private jet travel for individuals and businesses.

AINonline: Magellan Jets CEO addresses coronavirus situation

Overall, the AINonline feature showcases how the aviation industry is dealing with increased travel restrictions and emergency closures around the world. In particular, the story outlines the effects of President Donald Trump’s European travel ban on private travel.

Magellan Jets CEO Joshua Marc Hebert tells AINonline that, in the wake of the U.S. enacting heightened restrictions on European travelers, the company saw an increase in private jet charter demand. Specifically, Magellan Jets was able to help clients return from the U.K. to the U.S. during this time of uncertainty.

“Just today, we have arranged several complex trips from the UK to the northeast of the U.S., which speaks to the trust clients place in us during times of uncertainty,” Hebert tells.

Additionally, Hebert spoke about the role of private aviation as commercial airlines are suspend routes and operations their routes and operations. The Magellan Jets CEO anticipates an increase in requests for certain popular private jet routes as the coronavirus situation continues.

“We are inevitably going to see a spike in requests for Northeast to Southeast [U.S.] travel, which has historically been one of our most popular routes,” says Hebert.

Most important, the AINonline piece details how Magellan Jets has established a COVID-19 task force. This team ensures the health and safety of passengers, partners and crew members through the use of enhanced protocols for every flight. Click the link below to read the full AINonline article.

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