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joshua hebert ACSF Chairman Magellan Jets CEO

In a new piece for Authority Magazine, Magellan Jets CEO and Founder Joshua Hebert offers his five tips for remaining hopeful and how we can support each other during these anxious times.

The Magellan Jets CEO discusses finding the “light at the end of the tunnel” during the coronavirus pandemic, resources for dealing with anxiety and more. Check out additional insights from the Authority Magazine piece below.

Authority Magazine: Magellan Jets CEO on Remaining Hopeful

As we adjust to this new normal, Magellan Jets CEO and Founder Joshua Hebert opens up about discovering some positives in the current situation. Specifically, he talks with Authority Magazine about how this time has helped him reconnect with family in new ways.

“While it’s not a good situation, there is some good to be found,” Hebert says in the Authority Magazine piece. “I’m with my family like I’ve never been to before. I’m usually working, doing errands, out at the gym or on my bike. I love being out, because of coronavirus, I’m in my house with my family � and I’m loving. I never would’ve otherwise had the opportunity to do something like that. It’s sad to think about how much we are away from our loved ones.”

“My life and everyone’s life has literally changed more in one month than it ever has in history. it’s forcing us to be more receptive to learning,” he adds. “I’ve read more than I’ve ever read. I’ve watched the video more than I’ve ever watched. I love to learn, you love to learn, everyone loves to learn. We’re all in this situation now where we have to learn.”

Tools for dealing with anxiety

Hebert also tells Authority Magazine about the useful tools he’s using during this time. In particular, the Magellan Jets CEO talks about video technology. He reveals how he uses it to deal with anxiety while staying connected with friends, family and colleagues.

“People who are feeling anxious due to social isolation should try FaceTiming � connecting as much as possible through face-to-face video chats,” Hebert tells Authority Magazine. “The other night, we had dinner with friends and sent food to their homes, and we got on a call altogether and we had dinner virtually. Everyone had their computer at the end of their dining room table. I thought it was a success.”

To read the full Authority Magazine article, click the link below.

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