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The New York Times recently shined a spotlight on Magellan Jets and the world of business aviation in a new piece on wealthy fliers and private jets amid the COVID-19 crisis. In particular, the newspaper chats with Magellan Jets President Anthony Tivnan about the surge in demand for private aviation.

The New York Times: Magellan Jets President Talks Private Jet Boom

Overall, the New York Times piece breaks down how more and more people are turning to private jets as safer alternatives to commercial airlines. The newspaper also explains the differences between private and commercial services in this helpful except below:

“Unlike commercial airlines, the private jet industry sells its services by the hour. Private jets are faster and can fly directly to most airports, while flying commercial may involve connecting flights.”

Across the private aviation industry, companies are seeing an influx of new customers due to COVID-19. Specifically for Magellan Jets, Tivnan tells the newspaper that there’s been an 89% increase in new customers since mid-March.

Additionally, Tivnan explains that members are also making larger purchases in order to lock in availability.

“We’re seeing members purchase larger increments, so someone at 50 hours is renewing at 75 hours,” Tivnan tells the New York Times.

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The article gave a nice overview of Magellan Jets’ carbon offsetting initiative with terrapass as well. Travelers can purchase offsets calculated based on the size and age of the aircraft, as well as where it’s traveling. Jet card owners who purchase 50 hours or more receive complimentary carbon offsets too.

Finally, the New York Times highlights how you can save on your private travel through the CARES Act, which “waived the 7.5 percent excise tax on all private jet flights and hours bought this year.”

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