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Charter Broker Magazine takes a look at fixed based operators (FBOs) and what they add to the private jet experience in a new piece. The article also highlights Magellan Jets and how we ensure safety and excellence with our FBO partners.

Charter Broker Magazine Features Magellan Jets

In the Charter Broker Magazine piece, Magellan Jets’ own Todd Weeber discusses the role of FBOs to the private jet experience. However, ideally, “the objective of any reputable broker” is building client experiences that are “so well-coordinated” that you don’t need to set foot in an FBO. Regardless, these facilities must be properly selected, as they are just as important as operators and safety checks.

In particular, the Charter Broker Magazine article spotlights Magellan Jets’ “proprietary scorecard and case management system” which are used to evaluate “every element of the supply chain” to ensure excellence.

“These include, in order of importance: safety and process (ISO) certification; proof of service and operations training; operating hours; de-icing, hangar and catering facilities or accommodations; reasonable facilities with comfortable lounge and workspace; and a knowledge of local vendors and practices.”

When in comes to an FBO, Weeber believes communication is key. That’s why Magellan Jets “has become a loyal customer of” some of the country’s best FBOs.

“They often overlook the fact that they are the hub for every element of a successful pickup and drop-off and that precise, concise and accurate communications can make or break an operator or client experience,” says Weeber.

Click the link below to read the full Charter Broker Magazine piece.

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