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Corporate Jet Investor Town Hall

In a recent article, Corporate Jet Investor featured Magellan Jets’ revenue growth projections for 2022. The premier private aviation solutions provider expects to grow revenue to $115 million in 2022, a $35 million increase over its earnings in 2021. CJI spoke with Magellan Jets President and co-founder Anthony Tivnan about those numbers, what the company experienced in 2021, and what’s in store for this year. 

Magellan Jets 2022 Revenue Growth

While Magellan announced the $115 forecast last month, Tivnan told Corporate Jet Investor that company leadership believes it to be a “very conservative number.” Tivnan said Magellan was looking at “predictable forecast models based on the number of hours sold and new memberships and charter accounts added in 2021,” as well as client retention and re-orders, in order to forecast growth for 2022. 

Tivnan told CJI that important investments Magellan made on behalf of customers led to the revenue growth:

The company has invested millions of dollars into technology and infrastructure that Tivnan says is a being a key factor in their growth in revenue. “The ability to complete transactions with stored data, preferences, and profiles not only saves time, but also reduces the margin for error. The applications we’ve built for internal use are not only connecting our customers with our colleagues, but also cross departmentally as well.”

Tivnan also discussed how Magellan found success throughout 2021, praising the company’s “ability to adapt and manoeuvre through many unforeseen and changing circumstances.”

Revenue success is only part of the story of how Magellan thrived throughout 2021, helping private travelers navigate a tumultuous year of high demand, limited aircraft availability, and COVID-19’s “new normal.” For more information on what Magellan Jets accomplished in 2021 and where the company is headed in 2022, read Magellan’s 2021 Year In Review release here. To read the full Corporate Jet Investor interview with Tivnan, click the button below.

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