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Corporate Jet Investor Town Hall

Magellan Jets President Anthony Tivnan joined host Alasdair Whyte and other business aviation leaders for a special discussion during the Corporate Jet Investor Town Hall on May 6. In particular, the conversation focused on how different regions, operators and businesses are coping with the coronavirus crisis. The guest speakers also offered their insights on the future of private jet travel in the coming months. Check out highlights from Tivnan’s interview with Whyte during the Coporate Jet Investor Town Hall below.

Corporate Jet Investor Town Hall: Magellan Jets President Interview Highlights

1. Influx of New Magellan Jets Customers

Although the industry is glad April is over because of the “severe” drop in activity, Tivnan did find some positives. The Magellan Jets president explained that the company saw an influx of new on-demand charter customers.

“Through April and actually the tail end of March, our on-demand charter really kept things afloat with the new customer acquisition,” Tivnan said. “I think we’re all seeing this new wave of customers entering into the space due to the pandemic.”

Specifically, this flight activity centered around individual and leisure travel. Trips included helping get people to second homes and other less densely populated locations for safe social distancing. Additionally, Magellan Jets aided high-risk family members and other guests in need of essential travel services.

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2. May and June Travel

Heading into May and June, Tivnan sees “a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel.”

The Magellan Jets president expects to see more new customers enter the space. In particular, those who’ve had the means to fly privately but flew commercial in the past. Since the airlines are in turmoil and will need time to adjust, Tivnan believes these flyers will gravitate to private aviation as a safer option. He also expects members and regular customers to “loosen up” and fly more as well.

“We’re optimistic in terms of the bounce back to the industry for sure,” “I believe that May and June, likely through the summer, we’re all going to see a lot of this leisure traveler, this new wave of customers.”

3. The ‘Million Dollar Question’

As for when businesses aviation activity will increase, Tivnan told the Corporate Jet Investor Town Hall that’s the question on everyone’s mind.

“The million dollar question is: when will businesses be comfortable?” Tivnan said. “That’s what truly fuels our industry as a whole.”

Recently, Tivnan reveals that he is optimistic for the future because he’s “starting to see some of the business travelers engage and start that research process.” However, time will tell for when will business travel fully resume and, with summer coming up, “we may need to wait another quarter until we start seeing that.”

4. How Will Businesses Adjust to the New Normal?

Tivnan acknowledges the benefits he and others are finding in work from home technology. But, he knows that it will never entirely replace face-to-face meetings. Overall, Tivnan believes businesses will actually use private aviation more when things open back up.

“Speaking to customers, speaking to other business owners, I believe we’re really ready to get back to business,” Tivnan said. “I do agree that business executives will continue to use � and I think it will actually be used more on a business aviation side.”

The Magellan Jets president goes on to explain how using private aviation can assuage customers’ fears or reservations for meetings.

“Just even asking for a meeting with a customer, I think it’s going to be an easier ask if your customer knows you’re flying privately,” Tivnan said. “You’re being responsible, you’re keeping colleagues safe, you’re keeping them safe.”

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5. Staying Ready

As we look forward to getting back to business, Tivnan also explained how Magellan Jets is staying ready.

Even before the coronavirus crisis, the company had taken steps to ensure it’s fully prepared. Measures included making recession-proofing plans and creating efficient workflows and internal infrastructures. However, due to the pandemic, Magellan Jets had to pivot and utilize new tools to ensure the well-being of its clients and employees.

As an example, Tivnan explained how Magellan Jets used its recent recession-proofing preparations to ensure it can navigate emerging challenges, whether that’s aircraft demand or sourcing issues. Internally, the company is also helping its employees deal with these difficult times through at-home, well-being resources.

Tivnan mentioned how Magellan Jets has partnered with RestoreResilience and EverybodyFights to provide colleagues with boxing workouts and other fitness routines, as well as diet instruction and mental well-being resources. Aptly, he uses a quote from Mike Tyson to illustrate how we’re staying ready and adapting to the new normal.

“This entire situation reminds me of the Mike Tyson quote, ‘Everybody has a plan until you get punched in the face,'” said Tivnan. “That’s certainly been the case as we look at the pivots we’ve had to make.”

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