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DotCom Magazine Leader Roundtable Interview Series Magellan Jets CEO Joshua Hebert

After honoring Magellan Jets with the 2019 Impact Company Award, DotCom Magazine spoke with Magellan Jets CEO and Founder Joshua Hebert as part of its Leader Roundtable Interview Series. In the piece, Hebert discusses his approach to leadership, what drives his vision and more. Check out more from the DotCom Magazine interview below.

Magellan Jets CEO Speaks With DotCom Magazine

DotCom Magazine recently featured Magellan Jets CEO and Founder Joshua Hebert in its Leader Roundtable Interview Series. Specifically, the piece covers Hebert’s approach to business, as well as his advice for CEOs and budding entrepreneurs.

“Don’t be afraid to fail or it becomes more difficult to succeed,” Hebert says. “Your new job as CEO is ‘Decision-Maker’: You can’t get everything right and have to be comfortable being wrong sometimes – that is how you grow.”

Hebert goes on to explain how CEOs and entrepreneurs can successfully tackle difficult times.

“A lot of people have problems within an organization and the CEO needs to be the solution,” says Hebert. “It’s very easy to point out issues, but it’s harder to solve them.”

Keep it simple, but also explain the why behind the task, giving someone a clean definition of what is expected out of them gives you a much better product,” he adds. “Think of every decision – first think of how you would do something if you didn’t have a budget, then think of how to do it with a budget.

Click the link below to read the full DotCom Magazine interview.

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