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world's biggest private jet companies list by elite traveler

Elite Traveler has released its list of the biggest private jet companies in the world, and Magellan Jets is honored to be featured alongside the industry’s leading providers. The new article offers a great overview of Magellan Jets’ purely private services, including details on jet card ownership, membership and on-demand charter experiences, as well as other benefits offered to guests. Read on to check out more from the Elite Traveler piece.

Magellan Jets & the World’s Biggest Private Jet Companies

Private Jet Companies

As Elite Traveler notes in its piece, Magellan Jets offers an array of private jet services, including jet cards, membership and charter flights. Additionally, the company’s expert aviation consultants and guest services team work tirelessly to ensure guests always have the perfect solution for their specific mission. Check out an excerpt from the Elite Traveler article:

As with most of the biggest private jet companies, Magellan Jets offers its customers a range of different services, ensuring the best option for their unique traveling needs. The Magellan Jet Card is fully customizable and can be tailored to suit how you want to fly, and how often you want to fly, creating an experience that is close to jet ownership as possible.

Alternatively, the Membership option invites travelers to pay a sign-on fee which will then lock in their hourly price. From here, members can make use of the pay as you go function and well as opt-in to Magellan’s carbon offset program. Finally, the on-demand charter option allows flyers to access jets on a trip-by-trip basis, making use of the thousands of jets within Magellan’s network.

To ensure a completely personal level of service, Magellan employs aviation consultants who work with customers every step of the way, helping them find the most suitable and cost-effective travel solution.

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