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According to Doug Gollan in a recent Forbes article, with demand for business jets and private flight skyrocketing, having a good private jet broker like Magellan Jets in your pocket is indispensable. In his piece, titled “Why A Good Private Jet Charter Broker On Speed Dial Is Like Gold,” Gollan features Magellan and its President and co-founder Anthony Tivnan as he discusses recent trends in the private aviation industry—including the record-breaking number of private flights on the Sunday after Thanksgiving and high flight volume over the past month in general.

Magellan Jets is a provider that seats itself on the same side of the table as their customers, helping them find the safest and best private travel solutions to fit their needs. Part of that spirit of customer advocacy involves setting expectations as market conditions and high volume begin to affect private flight. As the article states, a never-before-seen 13,000 private flights took place on Sunday, November 28, and WingX data shows that “charter and fractional flights over the past month were 40% higher than the same period in 2019.” Tivnan explains how Magellan has been preparing its guests for this high volume, including by encouraging departure date flexibility:

Anthony Tivnan, president of Magellan Jets, says his company was helped by proactively encouraging clients to travel on alternate days. The Saturday and Monday after Turkey Day had volumes nearly equal to Sunday for the Boston-based broker.

Going back to late Summer, several major jet card sellers, including Sentient Jet and Jet Linx Aviation, tried to slow demand by suspending sales to new members. Last month, Wheels Up announced new members who deposit $100,000 or less have to wait 90 days to fly. Magellan is telling new jet card customers they won’t be able to fly at fixed jet card rates until after the holidays.

Fulfilling their role as customer advocates, the team at Magellan Jets has been updating customers since September with a series of videos and market update newsletters focused around the challenges facing private aviation, including limited aircraft availability, unprecedented demand, parts and labor difficulties, and the global supply chain crisis. Throughout the pandemic, the provider’s number-one priority has been to keep guests informed so they know what to expect. That’s the value of having a good private jet charter broker on speed dial—you have a team of aviation experts constantly looking out for you and making sure your purely private travel experience is as seamless and worry-free as possible. 

Throughout the rest of the article, Tivnan also discusses why some providers are turning down short repositioning flights, the difficulties in finding available aircraft for international flights, and more. Click below to read the rest of the piece, or click here to explore ways to fly with Magellan Jets

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