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JustLuxe: In Conversation With Joshua Hebert, Magellan Jets CEO & Founder

Joshua Hebert Magellan Jets CEO & Founder

Luxury publication JustLuxe recently conducted an interview with Magellan Jets CEO and Founder Joshua Hebert that highlights his “seamless blend of aviation and fiscal experience,” as well as how Magellan goes above and beyond to create the very best purely private travel experiences.

Hebert was already an experienced manager in the private aviation field when he founded Magellan in 2008, having launched Jets International in 2001; prior to that, he worked in financial services at Paine Webber. The piece details how Hebert combines his expertise in finance and business aviation and his dedication to philanthropy and giving back to customers to continually innovate on behalf of Magellan’s guests.

“We are always available to answer questions, address concerns, and make the clients as comfortable as possible,” said Hebert. “And the clients have rewarded us with their trust and loyalty.”

During the course of the interview with JustLuxe’s Susan Kime, Hebert was asked about what makes Magellan Jets unique in the private aviation space, giving the following answer:

“First, Magellan Jets is financially solvent, holds zero debt so 100% of the client’s investment is used for the client’s service provision. We are deeply customer-centric and that is defined by our culture of Magellan professionals, who never forget how to balance private jet travel with gratitude. Second, for our Magellan clients, we create a sensory experience of privacy, comfort, security, legacy, and worth. In each of these luxury dimensions, our professional Magellan family serves our private flying family. On each flight, we serve each client a sense of comfort, underscored with kindness—the consistent, dependable Magellan Jets destination.”

Hebert and Kime also discuss Magellan’s product offerings, first-time flyers, sustainability in private aviation, and more. Click the button below to read the full interview with Magellan’s CEO and Founder Joshua Hebert at

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