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In a new piece by Luxury Daily, Magellan Jets President and Founder Anthony Tivnan offers his insights on client retention during the LuxeCX/AMCX 2019 on Sept. 25. In particular, Tivnan explains his approach and how high-level service plays a key factor. Check out more from the Luxury Daily piece below.

Magellan Jets President Talks Client Retention Keys with Luxury Daily

The Luxury Daily piece explores how the customer experience factors into the decision-making process for affluent clientele. Magellan Jets President and Founder Anthony Tivnan said during his LuxeCX/AMCX 2019 presentation that, in order to retain these clients, high-level service with a personal touch is required.

“Focusing on the relationship – and not the transaction – was a very different approach for myself [to learn],” says Tivnan. “When dealing with a luxury consumer, it’s about being able to back up your promises when things go wrong and come back with solutions, not excuses.”

“We’re focused on what our customers are thinking about, as opposed to our product and our brand,” he adds. “How do we incorporate ourselves into our customers’ lives and integrate what we do and what they want the outcome to be?”

Tivnan goes on to explain Magellan Jets’ growth and its personalized private jet offerings. Overall, he believes that making things personalized to your client are of the utmost importance.

“If it’s not personal, don’t waste your time or expense,” Tivnan says. “It’s valuable to tap into an emotion.”

Click the link below to read more from the Luxury Daily piece below.

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