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In a new piece by Luxury Travel Magazine, the publication highlights great places to explore with Magellan Jets and IYC this summer. Check out more from the article below.

Luxury Travel Magazine: Explore the World with Magellan Jets, IYC

Luxury Travel Magazine spotlights several destinations you can safely travel to via private jet and yacht with Magellan Jets and IYC. In particular, the piece showcases secluded getaways like Alaska, the Red Sea and the South Pacific.

One of the more adventurous destinations featured in the piece is Antartica. As part of a special collaboration with White Desert you can visit the South Pole and meet Emperor Penguins in their natural habitats. Check out details about this once in a lifetime trip below.

“This luxury 8-night adventure takes 12 guests at a time into the heart of Antarctica to see the Emperor Penguins. Then it’s off to the bottom of the Earth – the South Pole! After the trials and confinement of Covid-19, there can be no better place than Antarctica to escape, reflect, and reignite your passion to explore. With limited group size, strict bio-security measures and the naturally inert landscape, Antarctica is one of the safest places to visit in 2020 and beyond.

IYC has teamed up with the premier private aviation company, Magellan Jets, to offer the safest, most purely private way to travel. Magellan Jets will fly guests to Cape Town, where they will spend the night at One & Only prior to departing for Antarctica with White Desert on a plane equipped with the latest avionics and ski-equipped for landing on snow.

In Antarctica, guests will stay in state-of-the-art sleeping pods at Whichaway Camp where their experienced team of chefs, hosts and guides will take care of every detail, allowing you to relax and enjoy your surroundings. At the beginning of the adventure, guests fly 2 hours along the coast to an emperor penguin colony of over 14,000 breeding pairs and their newly hatched chicks. Tourists only rarely visit this colony and, as a consequence, witnessing these birds in their natural habitat is one of the most surreal experiences on earth.

As you fly from Antarctica to the South Pole, you will experience a true sense of remoteness, for as far as the eye can see, the white horizon meets the pure blue sky. The South Pole, the bottom of the earth and the holy grail of early explorers. At the designated marker there is no more east, south or west on the planet, only north, and you will be able to walk around the world in just a few paces!

Then you will fly back to their wilderness camp at 83�S to overnight and join the select few who have ever spent a night in the beauty of the high polar plateau. You will be well looked after as you experience camping in one of the wildest places on earth.

After a night spent as a true explorer, you will fly back to the main camp and celebrate your momentous journey. With up to only 12 clients on each adventure and professional polar explorers as your guides, the day’s itineraries are tailored to each individual. Make your choice from gentle treks and picnics overlooking the ice waves, to more adrenaline-fueled activities.”

Click the link below to read the full Luxury Travel Magazine piece.

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