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Magellan Jets is celebrating another year of growth, averaging 30% growth over the last 11 years. 2018 saw the most renewals in history, with a renewal rate of 27%. Their membership program is the most popular, with a 92% retention rate, and everyone is upgrading. It was also a record-breaking year for charter customers, which increased 15% in 2018. Over a decade of success has also helped Magellan Jets attract top-level talent, hiring 21 new employees in 2018.

Magellan Jets 2018: Year of Growth

“Magellan Jets is an innovative company, striving to create the ultimate private aviation experience,” says J. Ira Harris, Chairman of J. Ira Harris and Associates and personal friend of Magellan Jets’ CEO, Joshua Hebert. “Joshua is one of the men responsible for the company’s success. Tenacious, and understanding of the needs of entrepreneurs (being one himself), Joshua embodies the zest for business that should accompany every CEO.”

Clients appreciate Magellan Jets’ innovative model, which offers jet-specific memberships, card programs and on-demand charter services designed to provide the freedom, reliability, predictability and exceptional, personalized service that private travelers expect. Built on a foundation of integrity, reliability, and trust, Magellan Jets sits on the same side of the table with its customers, and by adding value to their travel solutions, builds long-lasting relationships. Their clients have the confidence that, in all aspects of aviation, they are receiving the right recommendations as well as the peace of mind that their travel is safe and seamless.

“In the past couple of years, there have been a lot of noise-makers in the industry with unsustainable business models,” says Magellan Jets’ President, Anthony Tivnan. “As we continue on, into a recession, businesses are looking for sustainability, reliability and trust. Customers want to work with who has a good reputation, and a tried and true business model to encompass all of those things.”

For business, for pleasure, for family, for friends, for every aspect of your life, Magellan Jets is here to support every significant event. Solutions range from college tours to IPO roadshows to emergency evacuations; peace of mind and confidence in being there is what comes with your investment in a solution with Magellan Jets.

To celebrate their continued success, Magellan Jets is offering all customers who purchase 50 hours or more on a Challenger 300, their first flight free (up to three hours). For full details, please visit, or call 877-550-JETS.

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