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A recent Robb Report article titled ‘It’s Like Musical Chairs’: Why Booking a Private Jet Is More Difficult Than Ever This Summer provides a comprehensive breakdown of the many issues facing the private jet industry—and features comments from Magellan Jets President and co-founder Anthony Tivnan

Despite an availability crunch that has led to widespread delays and service disruptions, Tivnan told Robb Report that business is still booming. Those who utilize private jets are more eager to fly than ever, and are still flocking to private aviation as a solution to their travel needs:

Private Jet Card Comparisons released a member survey in February, noting that 51 percent of its members said they plan to fly more in 2022, with 41 percent expecting to fly the same as last year. But nearly half were unhappy with flight delays, price increases and restrictions on when they could fly.

But demand has remained strong, according to Magellan Jets President Anthony Tivnan. “We’ve seen prices go up 30 percent in the last year and that doesn’t seem to be deterring anyone,” he said.

Throughout 2021, Magellan grew gross revenue to $80 million, all while helping our guests navigate the challenging “new normal” of the post-covid private aviation market. While other providers cancelled or cut back on programs, Magellan Jets kept all Jet Card and Membership sales open and actively onboarded a rush of new clients—the company increased jet card revenue by 156 percent and grew new customer jet card sales by 38 percent

The piece covers other major industry players’ efforts to buy new aircraft, hire new pilots, and acquire competitors in order to keep up with the historic surge in demand. Click here to explore ways to fly with Magellan Jets, or click below to read the full article on the Robb Report website.

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