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Anthony Tivnan, President, Magellan Jets

In a new Q&A with Robb Report, Magellan Jets President and Co-Founder Anthony Tivnan discusses the company’s recent membership launch. In particular, Tivnan talks about the inspiration behind the program and why new private jet flyers are gravitating towards it during these uncertain times. Check out more from the new interview piece below.

Magellan Jets President Discusses New Membership in Robb Report Q&A

As Tivnan explains in his Robb Report Q&A, the current era of uncertainty is not new to him. Having created Magellan Jets during the last financial crisis, he believes that there’s a similar opportunity for success with the launch of the new pay-as-you-go membership.

“In 2008, we provided the same benefits that fractional companies were giving clients without having to sign up for five years or own part of the jet. We also made sure our clients got the best charter aircraft. Basically, we look for holes and add value.”

After seeing a “flood of interest from newcomers” during the spring who weren’t used to jet card ownership pricing, Magellan Jets was inspired to create the “pay-as-you-go program with an $8,500 initiation fee and easy-to-understand terms” to bridge the gap. Overall, things have gone very well since the debut of membership.

“We’ve seen new business increase massively,” Tivnan tells Robb Report. “These folks, who travel for leisure, don’t need to get places as quickly, so we moved the time limitations to 24 hours rather than 8 on our jet card. We’re also seeing corporations use this as supplemental lift. It’s a way to keep employees safe when the appetite for risk is lower.”

Click the link below to read the full Robb Report Q&A.

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