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Robb Report: Magellan Kept Programs Open, Grew Jet Cards While Others Cut Access

A recent Robb Report article titled “Why Private-Jet Cards Are Hitting Some Turbulence” highlights some of the difficulties that private aviation providers are having in fulfilling their Jet Card programs. Several companies’ Jet Cards are still suspended. The piece features Magellan Jets, pointing out that the company has not only kept all programs open, but also grew Jet Card business between 2020 and 2022. Magellan’s Jet Cards are available now and always have been!

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting supply chain crisis marked a turbulent time for private aviation. Many providers shut down programs or exited customer obligations, detailed in the Robb Report piece here:

During 2021 and much of 2022, as private aviation experienced record demand and a chronic shortage of available aircraft, 30 companies paused aspects of their cards or ceased selling them altogether for fear of not being able to service existing clients. The most famous was industry giant NetJets, which put its entire card program on hold in August 2021 and only recently resumed sales. Seven others, including big names such as Jet Aviation and Silver Air, still have their fixed-rate, guaranteed-availability card platforms grounded.

Magellan, however, was able to keep Jet Card programs available on the market and continue flying guests to their destinations safely. The company was able to help customers navigate high demand and supply chain issues thanks to a unique, resilient business model that relies on a carefully vetted off-fleet aircraft network. Magellan Jets President Anthony Tivnan told Robb Report how Magellan weathered the storm:

“It was all about minimizing risk,” says Magellan Jets president Anthony Tivnan. “If a jet had a flat tire or cracked windshield, it could be out of commission for days, if not weeks. The goal was to keep as many aircraft flying as possible,” he adds. Yet despite the restrictions and constant service interruptions, clients kept buying. From 2020 through 2022, Magellan saw a growth of 65 percent in new cards, with renewals up 75 percent.

You can read the full article below, or click here to explore Magellan’s full suite of Jet Card offerings—including top aircraft like the Phenom 300 and Gulfstream 450. 

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