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Robb Report Magellan Jets

Robb Report recently featured Magellan Jets in a new piece on the rising demand for private aviation due to COVID-19. Additionally, the article highlighted Magellan Jets’ new Membership programs, which debuted earlier this week. Check out more from the Robb Report piece below.

Robb Report Features Magellan Jets Membership

In the new piece on private travel’s rise in demand, Robb Report highlighted how new customers are fueling this surge. In particular, the publication shines a spotlight on Magellan Jets’ increase in new customers over the last few months.

“From March 1 through June 8, we saw a 117 percent increase in new customers compared to the previous year,” Magellan Jets President Anthony Tivnan tells Robb Report. “The numbers are even more important when you consider that last year was a record year for new-client acquisitions.”

In response to this influx of new fliers, the company has launched new Membership programs. As the publication notes, the services are “ideal for new private flyers transitioning from commercial first- and business-class,” offering the “pay-as-you go” advantages of charter, but with guaranteed access to four categories of aircraft.

Additionally, Membership features a “lower initial investment than other membership programs.” Other benefits include guaranteed access to four aircraft categories no blackout dates or peak surcharges.

According to Tivnan, this has “simplified” approach to aviation focuses “on lowering barriers to entry for new fliers,”

“Many of these people may not need 25-hour jet cards,” says Tivnan. “It also takes the guesswork out of the charter network.”

“We’re also targeting existing private-aviation fliers who may not want to invest large amounts in similar programs,” Magellan Jets CEO Joshua Hebert also tells Robb Report. “The terms are straightforward and the hourly rate is the highest value in the marketplace.”

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