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Private aviation is experiencing a post-pandemic boom, largely because the focus on safety in the wake of COVID-19 drove first-time flyers to make the switch from flying commercial. As part of Slate’s “Comebacks” series, which documents businesses that have made dramatic turnarounds during the pandemic, the online magazine spoke with Magellan Jets President Anthony Tivnan about private aviation’s late-pandemic boom. Check out more details from the piece below.

SLATE: safety drives New Flyers to private aviation with magellan jets

The “Comebacks” article details how, a year after the pandemic hit, “private plane companies aren’t living in the same locked down world that the rest of us still inhabit.”  That’s because the private aviation industry has seen a huge influx of first-time flyers over the past year. Many of them, including the elderly or those with underlying health conditions, want to be on private jets to limit contact with other passengers, leading to private aviation’s boom. 

“I’ve been in aviation for 20 years, and I have never seen so many first-time flyers come in to work with Magellan,” Tivnan said.

The Magellan Jets president also highlighted how the way Magellan Jets talks about the value proposition of private aviation has shifted in the age of COVID, with the company touting the safety and security aspects of flying private:

Private aviation companies have had to reorient some of their operations to cater to this
pandemic-focused demographic. In the past, when Magellan had more corporate clients,
efficiency was more of a selling point; chief executives that didn’t have their own corporate jets
could save time by flying more directly to their destinations than a commercial flight might
allow. Now, the company is focusing more on cleanliness as the main draw, emphasizing its
investments in PPE and sanitization procedures. “Pre-pandemic, the value proposition was from
a productivity level and business perspective,” said Tivnan. “The narrative has really switched to
a safety and health perspective.”

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