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Super Bowl 53: Magellan Jets Is Your Big Game Source for Private Jet Travel

The Super Bowl is one of the most traveled events in the United States, and the demand for private jets soars – quite literally – en route to the big game. More than ever, you’ll need a team of diligent private travel aficionados to navigate the logistics of your trip while you sit back and watch your team snag a well-deserved victory.


Being one of the most traveled to events by private jet each year, The Super Bowl can create some hectic travel times (especially with non-refundable slot fees) in and out of the host city.  Magellan Jets has all the information you’ll need to know before you touch down in Atlanta so the only thing you’ll have to worry about is who will hoist the 53rd Lombardi Trophy.

For new members, Magellan Jets is also offering an exclusive Super Bowl 53 Package, which includes:

  • -All-inclusive food and beverage experience for 3 hours prior to game.
  • -Georgia World Congress Center inside SB grounds just a short walk from Stadium.
  • -Meet and Greets with NFL Legends and exciting pregame entertainment.
  • -Luxurious area reserved only for club seat holders in the first 35 rows from the field.
  • -Unprecedented access to on-field patios and lounge seating.
  • -Access to private bars and fine dining.
  • -In-game food and beverage.
  • -Post-game field access.
  • Dedicated entrance.

The best way to assure your Super Bowl 53 travel runs smooth and efficiently is to book ahead of time and know all of the details of the your preferred FBO regulations.  The Magellan Jets Flight Support Department is staffed 24/7/365 to help get you to Atlanta for the big game and equipped with all the regulations for the surrounding Atlanta airports. Click the link below to read more about our Super Bowl 53 package.

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