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While the coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on commercial aviation, private jet travel is seeing an increase in demand. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal reporter Thomas Gryta, Magellan Jets President Anthony Tivnan discusses the situation and the important ways people are now using private aviation.

Magellan Jets President Anthony Tivnan Talks With The Wall Street Journal

As outlined in the piece, individuals who must travel amid the outbreak are opting for private jet travel over commercial options due to exposure concerns. Echoing Magellan Jets Founder and CEO Joshua Hebert’s statement on the situation, Tivnan describes the essential functions private aviation serves for many businesses and travelers.

One important role flying private plays involves the transportation of elderly individuals. Since flying commercial increases the potential of exposure to coronavirus both onboard and at the airport, private jet options significantly reduce the risk. Children concerned about their parents and older loved ones trust Magellan Jets to keep them healthy while flying, especially now as our safety task force implements enhanced health measures.

In addition to helping at-risk travelers get to their destinations safely, Magellan Jets provides critical solutions for businesses during this time. Tivnan explains to The Wall Street Journal how businesses who would otherwise fly commercial are now using private jet memberships and charter options “to limit risk for their senior executives and as well for colleagues and customers with whom they meet.”

In conclusion, the Magellan Jets President describes how the coronavirus situation remains fluid, with adjustments being made to people’s plans as new information becomes available. “We are running net positive in bookings,” Tivnan tells The Wall Street Journal, “but people are changing their minds as quickly as the situation is developing.” Click below to read more of the Magellan Jets President’s thoughts in the full Wall Street Journal article.

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