4 Things You Didn’t Know About the Challenger 300

The Challenger 300 remains one of the most popular business jet options out there. Wondering why? Here are 4 things you didn’t know about the Challenger 300, a highly sought after private aircraft with exceptional comfort.

1. It has amenities to make your flight more comfortable, including one of the most spacious and comfortable cabins in its class. 

The Challenger 300 actually has the largest cabin in the super-mid category of aircraft, making it hard to beat: the cabin length is over 25 feet and its height is just over six feet, with room to seat up to 10 passengers. According to Bombardier, the Challenger 300 has 39% more cabin space than the leading mid-size aircraft in its category.

Seating options in the Challenger 300’s comfortable interior include leather seats for six, a three-seat divan, and the option to add a tenth seat. Best of all, the divan can convert into a bed, making longer flights all the more comfortable.

There is also an enclosed lavatory with a sink in the back of the aircraft, and space for meal prep and refreshments in the front, including a microwave so that passengers can enjoy hot meals on longer flights.

2. It has a long range.

The Challenger 300 is popular for business travel, and one reason for that is its long range, ideal for cross-country trips. Plus, the Challenger 300 can get you from almost any U.S. city all the way to Europe with just one stop for fuel in between.

3. The luggage compartment can fit it all.

There’s a spacious luggage area on the Challenger 300, with room for items as varied as snow skis and golf clubs. So, whether you want to jet off for a weekend surfing in Hawaii, pack your daughter’s cello for lessons in Austria, or hit the slopes in Aspen, the Challenger 300 can get you there, and you can bring your gear, too.

Challenger 300 Interior

4. Magellan Jets offers a Challenger 300 membership.

Here at Magellan Jets, we offer a Challenger 300 Membership with guaranteed aircraft availability 365 days a year as well as 24/7/365 in-office flight support staffed by FAA-certified pilots. In fact, the Challenger 300 is one of the most popular memberships offered at Magellan Jets.

Members also get access to a dedicated Member Success Manager and a private aviation consultant, plus the flexibility to move up or down the aircraft categories and a 12-month rate lock.

Call us today to learn more about the Challenger 300 or Challenger 350 and all of Magellan Jet’s membership programs!

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