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5 Good-For-You Reasons to go on a Trip this Valentine’s Day

Some opportunities are just too good to pass up. Take advantage of the holiday overalp of Presidents’ Day and Valentine’s Day this year! This February we have the added convenience of a long weekend thanks to Presidents’ Day falling on Monday, February 15th. Use this long weekend to celebrate with your love in a fun, far away destination. Don’t miss this chance, because it won’t happen again until 2021!

So why plan the quiet time for just you two on this Valentine’s weekend? Read on…

  1. Privacy

Turn your 2015 Valentine’s Day weekend into a private getaway. Maybe you are excited to both step away from the office for a change, or leave the kids with your parents and go abroad. No matter what your Valentine’s Day wishes are, private travel is the way to go. Taking your loved one overseas is the perfect way to combine a romantic trip with the convenience of no interruptions. Maximize the privacy your relationship deserves by booking a private jet to a remote location this holiday.

  1. Time

Want to make the most of this Valentine’s Day with that new special someone or your forever mate? Then don’t waste a minute of this special holiday weekend! Make sure you can spend every second of this romantic weekend with the one you love – and not with the TSA security agents or baggage claim security… By flying private you can cut out the time consuming inconveniences that commercial flying inevitably presents (especially on international flights) and get to your dream destination in a fraction of the time.

  1. Memories

Valentine’s Day is one of the most important days out of the year that is truly dedicated to marking milestones in your romantic relationship. Make sure you mark yours with an unforgettable experience. Has your loved one been dreaming of visiting Rome, exploring Dublin, perusing Amsterdam? Make their dream a reality that they can’t believe by getting them there by means of a private jet. The experience of flying private will be a memory in itself and your special, romantic journey will never be forgotten.

  1. Romance

Picture yourself with the person you love in Paris, the city of love, on the most romantic day of the year. There is truly nothing better than escaping on a private getaway to show your romantic side to the one you love. Make every aspect of your romantic weekend last by booking travel in a way that will make it seem as though time is standing still.

  1. Luxury

By flying private you can make every gesture a special and loving one through the personalization and customization of catering, hotel stays, fancy automobiles and more. By chartering your Valentine’s Day travel through Magellan Jets, or customizing your Magellan Jets Card, you know you can rely on the special and speedy service from the flight support team that will allow your every romantic wish to come true. Whether it be a limo ride through Berlin or strawberries and champagne in your cabin to spoil the one closest to your heart, Magellan Jets will help make your exclusive weekend a luxurious memory for you and your loved one.

For more information on what Magellan Jets can offer for your next personal or business trip, consider customizing your jet card. Call us today at 877-550-JETS or visit us at

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