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5 Reasons You’ll be Happy You Flew Private This Holiday Season

You’ve booked your flight, packed up the family and you are ready to take off to your holiday destination. Private jet travel is more than getting from point A to point B. It’s about spending less time waiting in lines at the airport and more time with people that you care about, in places where you’ll make memories last forever.
1. It’s the Gift that Keeps on Giving
Nothing says “Happy Holidays” quite like the luxurious experience of relaxing in the sky with your loved ones on your way to see family and friends. At Magellan Jets, we understand that “over the river and through the woods” is not always the best way to get to Grandmother’s house… The holiday season is the time to splurge, and private jet travel is a valuable investment in yourself.
2. You’ll Eat Like a King
Private jet catering is generally suited to your taste buds. Yum, give me some! No, seriously, we know that when it comes to flying private, you want all of your amenities and services customized. At Magellan Jets, we never forget that your flight experience is as unique as you are.
3. Simple is ALWAYS better
While there is no telling how long the wait for commercial flights will be once the winter winds take control of your holiday plans… you know better. What is better? Keeping your guests from waiting around longer than necessary by booking private travel. Also, how about real-time updates of the status of your plane before you take off? Check. Magellan Jets’s 24-hour flight support team of FAA certified pilots gives you honest, accurate estimates on any delay times or safety hazards. So, when your private jet is ready, there are no waiting lines in the way of your holiday cheer.
4. Faster is ALWAYS better, too
Since you won’t be waiting around for 300 coach passengers to board the plane (duh), you will also be skipping the major commercial airports. Your private flight will take you to a smaller airport which is likely much closer to your actual destination, saving you valuable family time with your loved ones and offering you the most convenient travel experience. You know that with Magellan Jets the ground transportation is taken care of, as to minimize your time dealing with any chilly weather and to get you where you are going no matter where that is.
5. You’ll Make the Best Memories
You’ll cruise into your upcoming family gathering with glee as you reflect on your hassle-free holiday travel. Without the worry and stress of how you’re getting around this season, you will be free to enjoy every minute of gifting, caroling, and relaxing by the fire. Your guests will thank you and you’ll pat yourself on the back – you’ll even know what you want for Christmas next year, too!

Ring into 2016 with plans to be more productive in your work as well as to spend more quality time with those closest to your heart. Your private aviation consultant at Magellan Jets is standing by to help you secure your next trip. Happy travelling!

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