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Business Jet Charter: Redefining Corporate Mobility

In the fast-paced, highly competitive corporate world, being able to get where you need to go ASAP is invaluable. That’s where business jet charter comes in.

Unlike flying on commercial airlines, business jet chartering provides unprecedented flexibility, convenience, and comfort to high-level executives, business owners, doctors, lawyers, and more. Read on to learn how business jet charter services from Magellan Jets could be exactly what you need to give your enterprise a competitive edge. 

the ultimate private jet program for business


Business jet chartering involves contacting a private jet charter company like Magellan to arrange a flight, complete with a private aircraft, high-touch service, and VIP amenities.

When it comes to business, time is of the essence. It doesn’t matter how many resources you have or how much money you can throw at a problem if you can’t get where you need to go fast.

That’s why business jet chartering is a vital element of executive operations across many industries. Businesspeople, ranging from managers to contracted problem solvers to top executives to specialized team members, must be able to pivot quickly and get to worksites or branches as quickly as possible. Commercial aviation, for all its affordability, is far from convenient or flexible enough to meet these needs.

Private air charter flights are the ultimate solution. Not only does private aviation provide additional flexibility, but it also gives businesspeople the time advantage they need to get ahead of problems and solve looming issues.

And, as every successful entrepreneur or business executive knows, time is money—the more time you can save by using transportation efficiently, the more profitable your operations will be. 

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BENEFITS OF Business Jet Charter

When you charter a jet for business through Magellan, here’s what you’ll enjoy:


The first of these is overall schedule flexibility. With private jet chartering, you won’t ever be locked into the limited, rudimentary schedules of commercial airlines. Instead, your private jet will take off and land exactly when you need it to. 

If you have an emergency meeting you need to attend, or if there’s a big problem that only you can solve ASAP, you can rely on our chartering services to get you where you need to go. That convenience and flexibility is worth far more than the typical price of a business jet charter.

Don’t forget, too, that commercial airlines are oftentimes subject to delays and cancellations due to bad industry practices like overbooking. With private jet chartering, the chances of delays or cancellations are far smaller. If something does happen to disrupt your flight, your provider will keep you informed far ahead of time, providing you alternate options to keep your business on track. 

Plus, with a business jet charter, you’re able to visit multiple destinations in a day, something that is nearly impossible with commercial aviation. Utilizing a private jet charter service, you can visit multiple branches or corporate offices and still be home for dinner rather than spending a few days in hotels. Boost team morale by spending less time in transit between locations and fewer nights away. 

fast response times

With the freedom and flexibility that air charter brokers offer, you can guarantee the fast, agile response times that your business or clients need.

Say that there’s an emergency in one of your corporate locations across the country. Due to the nature of the emergency, you need to get there very quickly to put out the proverbial fire. You’ll have a tough time doing that with a commercial airliner and regular air travel options.

But it’s more than possible with a business jet charter. In less than 24 hours, you can have a flight scheduled and ready to go. Plus, your flight will likely take less time compared to a commercial airline flight, as you won’t have to wait for other passengers, 

All told, the speedy response time you’ll be able to provide to the people that matter is invaluable all by itself. It’s just another reason why business jet chartering is becoming more and more popular among high-net-worth individuals.

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increased productivity

Business jet charters will also allow you to be more productive while in the air. It’s practically impossible to get any real work done on a commercial airliner, both because it’s a chaotic environment and because you don’t have enough space.

Private jets are specifically built so that you and your team members can remain productive while you are en route to your destinations. In addition, many private charter jets have what you need to stay connected while on the go, including high-speed Wi-Fi, phone setups, and other telecommunications software and equipment.

Don’t forget, of course, that private jets also make it much more comfortable to work while in the air. Your seating will be more comfortable no matter what, but you’ll also be able to use worktables or even full-on private offices depending on the size of the private plane you charter. Pick a jet with a quiet, spacious cabin, and you’ll be able to focus just as well as if you are back at your home office or corporate HQ.

Ultimately, your travel experience is down to your preferences. When you schedule a charter from the right aircraft operator, you’ll enjoy the highest standards of quality and customization.

greater security, privacy, and safety

In addition to corporate mobility, you (and any team members or fellow passengers you choose to bring with you) will experience:

Top-notch safety. With business jet chartering, you don’t have to go through a busy airport or endure the lengthy security checkpoint experience. Your security check-in will be much quicker, and you’ll know exactly who boards the flight with you—extremely important in an era when unruly passenger incidents are on the rise. Health-conscious fliers will also appreciate the fact that private aviation features fewer touchpoints, which can help keep you from getting sick.

Greater privacy. You control who is on the flight. With an entire airplane cabin to yourself, you’ll enjoy the privacy to conduct business or hold important conversations. You’ll also never have to deal with other passengers disrupting your flight experience, allowing you to concentrate on business or rest between important meetings. 

Superior security. Want to protect your sensitive information, private business dealings, or your intellectual property? Flying private means you’ll be away from prying eyes. Handle proprietary work and sensitive corporate documents without the concern that essential materials or documents will be lost or stolen. 

greater access to airports

Commercial flights are often restricted to certain sizes of airports (there are about 500 nationally that can accommodate commercial flights), which can make getting to a destination outside of a major city quite difficult. You may not be able to get close enough to your destination, which means you’d still have to rent a car or an Uber for the last leg of your trip, which can ultimately cost your business more money.

However, private jets can access a wider network of airports, allowing you to choose from around 5,000 different sites. This can get you much closer to your destination and ultimately save your business time and additional costs.

what if your business already owns a jet?

If your business already owns a jet, there are still plenty of reasons why you might consider chartering a private jet. For instance, if your owned jet can’t accommodate the number of passengers you’re taking on a trip, or if you have a small jet that doesn’t have the range capability you require, then you can still enjoy the benefits of private air travel with private jet charter services. 

The ability to move seamlessly between aircraft classes depending on your mission is a staple of Magellan’s Jet Card programs

Additionally, the more often you fly, the more maintenance your private plane will need—and maintenance programs for private jets can be very thorough, costing you precious flying time. When your aircraft is down for maintenance, you’ll still want to have travel options that afford your team the same luxury and efficiency they’re accustomed to. In these cases, having a private Jet Card with prepaid hours can come in handy.

How to book a private jet in 5 steps

maximize your flight with magellan

Ultimately, Magellan Jets provides best-in-class jet charter services to individuals just like you every day. We have over 15 years of experience providing business leaders with safe, seamless, and purely private aviation solutions.

With our help, you’ll get where you need to go on time, every time—with major benefits for your business operations. Contact our Private Aviation Consultants to discuss options by calling 877-550-5387, or use our convenient instant charter quote tool below to request a trip!

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