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Falcon 2000 Vs. Gulfstream G450

When it comes to choosing a heavy jet, either for membership or jet card ownership, the Gulfstream G450 and Falcon 2000 have dominated the market. Choosing between them is no easy task. Both offer different experiences in terms of speed, cabin comfort, size, flight range, price, passenger capacity, and avionics. Check out our Falcon 2000 vs. Gulfstream G450 private jet comparison.

Falcon 2000 Vs. Gulfstream G450

Cruise Speed:

  • Gulfstream G450: 476 mph
  • Falcon 2000: 459-508mph

When it comes to speed both are pretty much identical with the G-450 being slightly faster than the classic and a little slower that the LX.

Cabin & Amenities:

  • Gulfstream G450:
    • Height:6.2ft
    • Width:7.3ft
  • Falcon 2000:
    • Height:6.2ft
    • Width:7.7ft

Both cabins share similar in dimensions. Both are walkable, have fully enclosed lavatories and a full galley. The Gulfstream line of jets include larger oval windows which give the cabin vast amounts of natural light. The G450 can also be arranged to sleep 6 while the Falcon 2000 only has two seats that can extend to flatbeds. However, the Falcon 2000 is renowned by its whisper quite cabin due to its innovative noise cancelling technology.

Passenger Capacity:

  • Gulfstream G450: 12
  • Falcon 2000 (Classic Model to LXS): 8-10

The Gulfstream G450 carries up to 4 more passengers than the Falcon 2000.


  • Gulfstream G450: 4100mi
  • Falcon 2000: 2,975mi – 4600mi

The range of the G450 is significantly longer that the classic Falcon 2000 allowing it to fly non-stop to farther destinations. However, the updated Falcon 2000 LXS beats the G450 in range


Ownership Costs

  • Gulfstream G450: $14 – 35 million
  • Falcon 2000 (Classic Model to LXS): $3.1 – 34 million

Compared to the G450, the Falcon 2000 offers a wider range of prices. The classic Falcon 2000, which ended production in 2007, can be bought for as little as $3MM in the current market. However, its successor, the currently produced LXS variant, will set you back $35MM or more. This makes the Falcon 2000 a more versatile priced aircraft which can appeal to a larger audience.


  • Gulfstream G450: The aircraft is equipped with Gulfstream’s PlaneView avionics system as well as an enhanced vision system.
  • Falcon 2000: The flight deck is equipped with the Collins Pro Line 4 system which is designed to be as simple as possible. The system runs across four large display screens, which are close to the functions that they control for ease of pilot workload. The system also comes standard with a flight management system, Doppler weather radar, and a dual channel Integrated Avionics Processor System.


So, what jet is the winner? All in all, it depends on the mission and your taste…

The Falcon 2000 is a versatile and cost-effective solution while retaining luxury. It offers a wide array of options due to its extensive variants, ensuring that any customer can find the right fit for their needs.

The G450 excels when you want to travel with a larger group in a more luxurious cabin capable of sleeping 4 extra passengers. The G450 excels in everything a heavy jet should be. But it comes with a price tag. Owning one of these jets could cost 5 times what a classic Falcon 2000 goes for in the current market.

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