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Why Smart Money Flies With Magellan Jets

Not all private jet companies are created equal—and with the financial troubles of multiple jet companies making the news recently, it’s more important than ever for discerning fliers to seek out a private aviation provider that is strong, stable, and financially healthy. There is no provider better suited to putting customers at ease than Magellan Jets. 

As a privately owned, asset-light, and completely debt-free company, Magellan’s innovative, customer-focused business model is built for stability. Magellan is dedicated to the responsible stewardship of clients’ investments, shepherding them through economic uncertainty and recessionary fears as a trusted partner. Here’s how Magellan gives its guests the peace of mind to fly with confidence.


Many companies have been criticized over the years for recklessly spending client deposits or for not protecting client funds in the event of an economic downturn. Not so with Magellan Jets, where client funds are completely segregated from operational funds. Magellan NEVER uses client funds to run their business, so clients’ money stays untouched until it’s time for them to fly. Magellan is 100% solvent and able to meet all its operational costs, so guests can rest assured their investment goes directly toward their time in the air. 


Private jet companies may come and go, but Magellan Jets has proven staying power and financial stability. The company has demonstrated continuous 35% year-over-year revenue growth for the past decade and is in the Inc. 5000’s Hall of Fame, having made the magazine’s list of the fastest-growing companies in the country a total of seven times.  


You shouldn’t have to worry about how the ups and downs of the market will affect your private flying experience—and with Magellan Jets, you won’t. Magellan’s customers feel confident in both their investment and their access to aircraft through all economic conditions. 

The company’s model has proven resilient from its founding amid the 2008 recession through COVID-19. Notably, as other providers cut service and let customers down due to post-pandemic issues and the global supply chain crisis, Magellan not only kept all programs open, but also introduced a Private Jet Membership program that would go on to win Robb Report’s “Best of the Best” Award.  


Customers who work with a fleet-based provider must ask themselves if they feel comfortable with their money being used to maintain an expensive fleet of aircraft. Fleet-related costs have hampered many private jet companies or left them unable to pivot in the event of an economic downturn. Magellan doesn’t own a fleet, so client funds never go toward the high cost of maintaining one.  

The company sources aircraft from the Magellan Jets Preferred Network, the safest and most thoroughly audited network of aircraft and crews in the industry. Our model of business keeps the management, crew expenses, maintenance, and other operational costs on the operator, ensuring client funds are used solely on their travel experience and time in the air.  


If the market (or a customer’s business) changes suddenly, it’s good to have a private jet provider who can accommodate. Magellan understands that customers’ needs may unexpectedly change, which is why Magellan has now made all fundsonaccount products refundable. Magellan is able to offer this refundability due to the fact that they never co-mingle client funds with operational funds.

But flexibility at Magellan doesn’t stop there; it is one of the key differentiators of their model. Magellan knows that a one-size-fits-all approach to private aviation is limiting and ultimately forces the customer to fit into the business model of the company. Magellan Jet’s customer-centric approach offers a full suite of solutions—from pre-paid Jet Cards to pay-as-you-fly Membership to on-demand Charter—and allows customers to flexibly move between them as needed. 

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