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Hawker 900XP

As a midsize business jet, the Hawker 900XP is unbeatable in fuel efficiency, performance, and comfort. The 900XP holds similar traits to its sibling, the 850XP, but with significant advancements. Check out Magellan Jets’ guide to this amazing private jet.

Hawker 900XP: What You Need to Know


Hawker 900XP Cabin Interior

Seating about eight passengers, the 900XP’s cabin comfortably holds travelers from coast to coast. With 604 cubic feet of space, plenty of stand up headroom, and fully berthable seats, passengers will feel more comfortable and relaxed than ever in the roomy cabin adopted from the 850XP. Additionally, amenities including LCD lighting, touch-screen seat controls, and plenty of in-cabin storage all come standard.


Two Honeywell engines were designed specifically for the 900XP, delivering 4,660 pounds of thrust each and allowing the aircraft to fly well over 2,000 nautical miles. These new engines give the aircraft seamless ability to increase climb performance and reach an altitude of 41,000 feet quicker than other jets in its category. Derived from the 850XP, the winglets on the 900XP are enhanced to increase hot and high altitudes, cruise performance, and range.

Flight Deck

In the intuitive cockpit, pilots will enjoy the Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite equipped with four 8×10 display screens. The screens provide tools for navigation, weather, terrain awareness warning systems, and enhanced ground proximity warning systems, providing pilots with necessary information in an organized fashion. The flight deck helps to reduce pilot workload and increase safety as well as vigilance.



Having been improved and enhanced based on earlier Hawker models, the Hawker 900XP is not only intuitive in extended performance, but is unbeatable in fuel efficiency and comfort in the midsize jet category.

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