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Introducing Explorer100 Membership By Magellan Jets

We’ve enhanced our Robb Report “Best of the Best” Award-winning Private Jet Membership program with several exciting new features, giving our guests more freedom, flexibility, and certainty than ever before. Read on to discover how Explorer100 Membership can help you elevate, optimize, and recession-proof your private travel!



Explorer100 is a funds-on-account membership based on our award-winning Explorer Membership. To most customers, the ability to streamline payments by eliminating the need for multiple wire transfers is cause enough for celebration—but ease of doing business is just the first of many features unlocked when members place $100,000 or more on their membership account.

In addition to all the classic Magellan Jets Membership features our guests love—including guaranteed backup & recovery, 365-day access to jets across four cabin-size categories, and fixed rates—here’s a breakdown of the benefits our Explorer100 members will enjoy:

12-Month Rate Lock
Shorter Scheduling Callout Times
Fewer Advance Booking Days
Expanded Service Area
Greater Scheduling Access
Long-Leg & Round-Trip Discounts
Complimentary Wi-Fi


Magellan’s Explorer Membership was created at the height of the pandemic to provide certainty during the most uncertain times. To our Explorer Members, certainty comes in the form of the clear and transparent pricing which is displayed on our website. Members take advantage of their fixed rates to avoid the pricing volatility currently seen across the aviation market, but given the uncertain outlook on inflation and the economy, we wanted to provide members with an even more risk-proof private travel plan. That’s why we’re giving Explorer100 members a 12-month rate lock—you may not know what the future will bring, but you can have confidence in your private jet investment knowing that you’ll keep the same rate for a full year.


With the threat of a recession looming, companies and individuals are understandably worried about making their buying decisions now without knowing what the impact could be months down the line. We wanted to give our guests even more protection against economic uncertainty, so we’ve given Explorer100 members the ability to exercise a refund clause if market changes force them to reconsider their private aviation investment. While other providers continue to lock customers into multi-year agreements, our Explorer100 Membership is a truly recession-proof private aviation solution.

shorter scheduling callout times

Although we recommend booking your trips as far ahead as possible, we know sometimes business and life require your travel solution to be more flexible—so, we’ve shortened scheduling call-out times across our programs, restoring the freedom to fly on short notice that our returning corporate clients need. With Explorer100, members can fly at their locked-in rates with just 48 hours’ notice—down from 72 hours—and if they need to fly within that 48-hour window, Explorer100 gives them the flexibility to do so.

Fewer advance booking days

While other providers will give you a list of days when you absolutely cannot book a flight, Magellan Jets lets you fly 365 days a year. We have a select, limited amount of Advance Booking Days where you are able to fly at your program rate by simply booking 240 hours or more in advance. If you need to book a flight on an Advance Booking Day within that ten-day window, Explorer100 gives you the flexibility to do so. New for 2023, we’ll have 25% fewer Advance Booking Days, giving you even more freedom to fly.

expanded service area

When our guests asked for a simpler service area, we listened—our service area now makes up the entire 48 contiguous United States, so members can fly at their program rates across the continental U.S. We’ve also added several more international destinations to our programs, including the ever-popular Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.


Explorer100 members have even more flexibility in scheduling and flying. They’ll be able to designate additional persons who are authorized to schedule flights on their membership account, even on trips for which they are not present—and they’ll be able to use their membership for multiple aircraft on the same day.


Explorer100 members have access to a 5% Long Leg discount on qualifying flights over four hours in length, as well as a 10% Round Trip discount on qualifying trip legs.


On domestic flights utilizing mid-size jets or larger, Explorer100 members have access to in-flight Wi-Fi.

optimize your private travel with your explorer100 membership

A Magellan Jets Explorer100 Membership is your most comprehensive, risk-free, and flexible private travel solution, giving you the freedom and certainty you need to fly in the current market. Call 877-550-JETS to speak with a Private Aviation Consultant today about how you can elevate your private travel—or click the link below to view our rates and inquire about your membership!

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