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Light Jet Card Returns

Magellan’s Light Jet Card Is Back—And Better Than Ever

In response to client and industry demand, we’ve reintroduced our popular, entry-level Light Jet Card to help you get back to business and enjoy the most value on short-leg flights! Read on to learn everything you need to know about this exciting small-cabin Jet Card option.

why you need a light jet card from magellan jets

a great way to try jet card ownership

Enjoy all the benefits of a Magellan Jet Card—365-day access, fixed hourly rates, guaranteed backup and recovery, a 24-hour scheduling callout, and more—in an entry-level option. The Light Jet Card is a great way to familiarize yourself with the elevated experience of Jet Card Ownership with a smaller investment.

more options to fit your mission

Fly our global network of light jets without being locked into one jet-specific offering. Our in-house private aviation experts source the safest, most reliable, and most sought-after light jets from our Magellan Jets Preferred Network, finding the right aircraft to fit your mission—and if you need a larger cabin or more range, you’ll always have the ability to upgrade at fixed rates without any interchange fees.

the best short-leg, short-hop jet card

Magellan Jet Card Owners enjoy the most competitive daily minimums on the market—Private Jet Card Comparisons reports the industry average for daily minimums hovered around 90 minutes in Q1 2023, but Magellan’s Light Jet Card allows you to utilize daily minimums of just one hour. That’s great news for those who typically fly shorter distances in smaller aircraft.

our expansive service area

Your Jet Card gets you everywhere you want to go. Other providers have restricted their service areas, limiting the list of international (and in some cases, domestic) destinations where you can travel at fixed rates. Magellan, on the other hand, maintains a large service area that includes the entire continental United States, locations in Canada + Mexico, and the Caribbean. You’ll also enjoy fixed rates and guaranteed aircraft access when flying within Europe.

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