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Global 6000 year-over-year growth Magellan Jets private jet

Magellan Jets Celebrates Decade Of 30% Year-Over-Year Growth

Magellan Jets celebrates a decade of 30% year-over-year growth and helping members recession-proof their aviation portfolio.

Kicking off the decade, Magellan Jets revolutionized private jet travel through the introduction of jet-specific 25-hour jet cards. By the end of the decade, we faced over 125 competing products and yet produced sustained year-over-year growth by putting the needs of our members and clients first. Private jet owners, fractional share owners and corporate travel departments find our unique operational capabilities to be indispensable and trust us to deliver the best in safety and personalized service.

In 2019 alone, Magellan’s membership enrollment doubled, while on-demand charter grew by 33%. On track to reach $61M of revenue in 2020, the company will significantly increase investment in people and infrastructure this year. as well as continuing to focus on supporting technology-enabled professionals that work to represent Magellan Jets’ members and clients in the private aviation marketplace.

Magellan Jets Celebrates Decade Of Year-Over-Year Growth

We are pleased with the success of our team, and are truly grateful for the members and clients that make this kind of sustainable, recession-proof growth possible,” said Joshua Hebert, Magellan Jets’ CEO and Founder. “We have the best team,” Hebert continued, “and we look forward to continuing to invest in growth.

“The 2010s were an exciting time to grow and learn,” said Anthony Tivnan, Magellan Jets’ President and Co-Founder. The biggest leap in learning and skill came after we decided to grow client-by-client, without outside investments, and without taking on a penny of debt.”

“To be able to build trust with clients and colleagues alike and also grow the organization to be able to support a purely private and personalized service model requires sacrifice, dedication, and grit,” added Tivan. “Our research and collaboration with industry partners in 2018 and 2019 surfaced several pointed insights and ultimately resulted in solid strategic plans that give us confidence that not only are we prepared for any economic eventuality, but can make our model scale faster during boom times by applying many of the same ideas and principles we plan to use during a downturn.”

“The ‘ah-ha’ moment came in the 2010’s when we learned that the things we do to fine-tune our business for growth while hedging for a challenging economic environment has benefits that we can directly apply to the lives of our members and clients, Tivnan concluded. “We are the last firm standing that has the talent, experience, and interest in managing a complete private aviation portfolio for individuals and companies alike.

2018 was the most challenging year in our 11+ years in the business; but we are a better organization because of it,” Hebert added. We needed to use 2018 and early 2019 to position the company for growth and sustainability, and that resulted in 2019 being our best year of the 2010’s in terms of revenue, net profit, membership services renewal rates, and client retention.”

Charting a bright future

The recent focus at Magellan Jets for the latter part of the 2010’s has been sustainability and customer experience. Magellan is fully prepared to continue an organic growth rate of 30% each year this decade; and will conclude several acquisitive growth projects that will help them secure the quality of aircraft our members and clients have come to depend on. Magellan will launch an exclusive app that will simplify and enhance their guest experience, and invite like-minded companies to join our platform to grow with the company

“Our core values are the ultimate foundation of our growth,” Hebert adds. “Our member and client experience is merely an excellent extension of the culture within our corporate family. Leading with safety, caring deeply, creating amazing experiences are more than words. They are an attitude, a discipline, and a lifestyle.”

The co-founders are happy to share what they have learned to help individuals and companies both inside and outside the private aviation sector establish high-performance, consistently profitable, recession-proof company cultures and balance sheets. Magellan Jets has become the proven, most trusted, most reliable solution in private aviation and the most intelligent resource for managing clients’ transportation portfolios, especially in times of uncertainty.

We are focused on the needs of the traveler and their guests, providing effortless, personalized, private and secure transportation solutions. With this focus, we are on-track to exceed $100M in revenue by the end of 2022,” Hebert concluded. The 2020’s is going to be the golden decade of opportunity for personalized service in private aviation. We are committed to our members, our clients, and our team. We would be honored if you allowed us the opportunity to share our experience with you – for this decade and beyond.”

For more information on membership, charter, and aviation portfolio services give Magellan Jets a call.

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