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4 Reasons Why Private Jets Are Safer Than Commercial

Throughout this COVID-19 pandemic, travelers have wondered whether private jets are safer than commercial. Since flying on commercial airlines poses several exposure risks, particularly for at-risk flyers, private aviation has proven itself as the trusted, safer alternative.

As summer arrives, destinations across the globe are beginning to reopen. Here are four reasons why you should consider using private jets over commercial first class this season.

Are Private Jets Safer Than Commercial?

1. Fewer touch Points

One of commercial travel’s biggest hazards today is the many touch points you can encounter with just one flight. From crowded airport terminals and security lines to packed cabins onboard, there are many exposure opportunities. Additionally, it’s harder for the commercial experience to strictly enforce social distancing measures, as well as provide consistent cleaning of high-touch surfaces.

Since so many people are using the same lines, terminals, seats, etc. on a daily basis, it’s no surprise that the commercial experience has many touch points. According to a recent New York Times article, a McKinsey analysis showed that a “person on the average commercial flight has about 700 points of contact with other people and objects.” In contrast, private jets only have “20 to 30” touch points, significantly reducing your exposure risk.

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2. More Thorough Cleaning

In addition to fewer touch points, the private aviation experience also features more thorough and frequent cleaning of cabins. By contrast, a commercial flight cannot provide such deep sanitization as often, due to the number of travelers and flights each day, as well as the sheer size of the aircraft.

Private jets, on the other hand, can undergo a much more in-depth cleaning process. The smaller aircraft size means means sanitizing occurs more often and more thoroughly than the average commercial airplane.

3. Enhanced Health & Sanitization Standards

Most business aviation operators also pride themselves on utilizing health measures that go beyond what airlines can accommodate. Here at Magellan Jets, our industry-leading health and sanitization standards have kept our clients safe throughout these times of uncertainty.

In addition to CDC and WHO recommendations, we’ve enacted several enhanced guidelines that further protect our guests, partners and crews. Check out our updated COVID-19 measures for a full overview of the many ways we’re keeping you and your loved ones healthy and safe.

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4. Private Travel, Catered to Your Needs

Even in first class, there are aspects of commercial travel that you simply can’t personalize. Everyone uses the same lines, terminals, amenities and aircraft, so having a customized experience isn’t possible.

Thankfully, business aviation provides purely private solutions tailored to your needs. Not only is your party the only people onboard, but every aspect of your experience is customized to fit your specific mission.

Whether it’s critical transportation for an at-risk passenger, or arranging catering, ground transportation or other amenities with a personal touch, Magellan Jets is here to create experiences that are just you.

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