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Protect Against Inflation With A Fixed-Rate Private Aviation Solution

Inflation hit a 40-year high in February due to strong post-COVID demand and lingering supply chain issues. Last month, prices climbed at the fastest pace they had in decades—and that was before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine threw the market into even further uncertainty. By now, you’ve surely experienced the effects of inflation in your industry; private aviation is experiencing the same effects, with prices of fuel and aircraft parts going up. Thankfully, Magellan Jets has a solution to help you protect against inflation. 

A program that utilizes fixed rates, such as a Private Jet Membership or a Jet Card, could be your best solution against rising costs. Read on to find out how you can safeguard your private flying plans against inflation with Magellan’s fixed-rate programs.  


When you fly on-demand private charter, you are at the mercy of market-based price fluctuation. Thanks to inflation, the price you’ll pay for a flight a few months from now is almost certain to be higher than the price you’ll pay today. Rising inflation is leading industry veterans to advise booking your travel plans as far ahead as possible, and while that’s always a good practice, we know the demands of your business enterprise may require additional flights you can’t yet plan for.  

What if you could lock in the same unchanging hourly rate, keep that rate on all your flights for the year ahead, and fly 365 days a year with no blackout days? Or, what if you could pre-purchase your flight hours in bulk at a fixed hourly rate on your preferred jet? That’s exactly what Private Jet Membership and Jet Card Ownership allow, respectively. By locking in to a fixed-rate program now (the sooner the better, as rates will rise), you’ll protect yourself against rising inflation later. 

Private Jet Membership

When you become a Magellan Jets Member, your modest initial investment will secure fixed hourly rates for 12 months on light, mid, super-mid, and heavy-cabin jets. Since membership is on the pay-as-you-go model, you’ll be able to use that rate as much or as little as you need. Magellan’s membership rates will rise as the year goes on, but you’ll fly at the hourly rate you prudently locked in before those price increases took hold.  

Membership comes in two tiers: entry-level Explorer Membership for an initial investment of $10,500, and Premium Membership for an initial investment of $16,500. Both programs allow you access to aircraft and crews sourced from our meticulously curated Magellan Jets Preferred Network with zero blackout days, guaranteed backup and recovery, and a 48-hour booking window.  

Aircraft at the Explorer level have an average year of manufacture of 2000 or later, while Premium Membership guarantees an average year of manufacture of at least 2007. At the Premium level, you’ll also enjoy complimentary catering, guaranteed wi-fi, and the ability to schedule multiple aircraft for daily use—making it a great tool for providing supplemental lift to busy corporate flight departments.  

Jet Card Ownership

A Jet Card allows you to pre-purchase a block of flight hours at a preferred, fixed rate. You’ll buy those hours in 25-hour blocks, purchasing as much or as little time as you need. There are no membership or overage fees, and these hours never expire—so you’ll continue to protect against inflation until you run out of hours or renew your card.

Magellan Jets offers seven jet-specific cards on some of the most popular aircraft on the market, including the Phenom 300 and Gulfstream 450, as well as two cabin size-specific cards, the Light Access Card and Heavy Access Card. Jet Cards are fully customizable based on the Owner’s needs, and amenities such as premium catering, guaranteed wi-fi, de-icing insurance, carbon offsets, and flight attendant service can be added.

Jet Cards offer the full aircraft or fractional owner experience—as well as the most favorable hourly rates, scheduling parameters, and cancellation terms.  

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