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The Ultimate Summer Bucket List: Fly on These 4 Private Jets

Everyone has a running bucket list of destinations to check off this summer, but the real thrill would be the experience of flying to those destinations in a variety of different aircraft. From light business jets to aircraft with large, passenger-first cabin designs, these private jets offer the ride of a lifetime.

Arrive in style this summer in one of these four bucket-list aircrafts… or, better yet, try them all!

1. Hawker 400XP
Popular with business travelers and corporations, the Hawker 400XP is an easy choice for getting to your destination quickly and seamlessly. The spacious cabin of the Hawker 400XP comfortably holds seven passengers and is an ideal choice for short or mid-range flights. Originally released by Mitsubishi, the Hawker 400XP is now produced by Beechcraft. Check out Magellan Jets Elevate Membership and check the Hawker 400XP off your bucket list in no time.

2. Phenom 300
Embraer’s Phenom 300 debuted as the fastest, most efficient, and longest-range single-pilot aircraft on the market. Today, it remains the best-selling light business jet in the world and has earned this distinction for seven years in a row. The $9.45-million jet can carry up to 11 people. Fly on this superb aircraft with Magellan Jets Phenom 300 Jet Membership and take it off your bucket list!

3. Cessna Citation Jet M2
With a top speed of 465 mph, the $4.6-million Cessna Citation Jet M2 holds just six passengers. The Citation Jet M2 is a new version of Cessna’s legacy Citation Jet 1 (CJ1), complete with an advanced suite of avionics in the cockpit as well as high-efficiency engines. Pilots and travelers alike love the light Cessna Citation Jet M2 for its accessibility, comfort, and ease of use.

4. Beechcraft Premier 2
The $8.25-million Beechcraft Premier 2, also known as the Hawker 200, has a seating capacity of six passengers and can climb to 45,000 feet, where the plane can fly more efficiently and faces fewer headwinds to slow travelers down. Development of this aircraft began as the Beechcraft Premier 2; it was rebranded as the Hawker 200 when Hawker Beechcraft was acquired by Textron Aviation. At its introduction, the Beechcraft Premier 2 was set to be the most technologically advanced single-pilot business jet in the world–and feature the largest cabin. To this day, the aircraft is popular with pilots and travelers alike.

Whether you are looking for comfort, range or speed, with the Elevate Membership by Magellan Jets, now can now check off your summer bucket list.

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