Magellan Jets COVID-19 Updates And Procedures

Magellan Jets COVID-19 Updates And Procedures

what are fbos

What Are FBOs?

The private aviation experience differs greatly from commercial travel, particularly when it comes to the types of terminals used. Unlike the airlines, private jets usually use fixed-base operators, or FBOs, for arrivals and departures. But what exactly are FBOs and what do first-time flyers need to know about? Read on to learn more about how FBOs work.

What Are Fixed-Base Operators?

fixed base operators what are fbos

How Do Private Terminals Differ From Airline Terminals?

Fixed-base operators, or FBOs, provide experiences that are much more private and personalized than what commercial travel offers guests. Typically, private terminals feature air and ground services such as lounges, restrooms, parking, aircraft maintenance and more. However, unlike airline terminals, FBOs are usually smaller and serve significantly fewer passengers on a daily basis.

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From a safety perspective, the lack of crowded lines and gathering spaces at FBOs significantly reduces exposure risks you’d encounter at an airport. Overall, a typical airline trip features roughly 500 touch points door to door. Meanwhile, private aviation averages less than a dozen touch points. In fact, many FBOs allow passengers to be driven up directly to their jet, further enhancing safety precautions on a private flight.

Being able to control your environment is another major difference. For example, a trusted provider like Magellan Jets can ensure that FBO staff adhere to special requests and requirements, including the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). Additionally, guests traveling for businesses can have their providers organize safe spaces within FBOs for meeting or getting work done.

Are there More Private Terminals Than Airline Terminals?

Private jets provide access to more destinations in the U.S. than commercial travel. That means you can fly to more places across the country without having to worry about layovers or organizing alternative transportation.

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Overall, you can travel to more than 5,000 private terminals around the U.S., while commercial flights only have access to around 500 airports. Fewer airline terminals combined with a decrease in commercial flight availability due to the pandemic has made many locations only accessible by private aviation.

If you’re interested in learning more about FBOs and the private aviation experience, speak to our consultants today or click the link below to get a quote for your next trip.

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