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What is a Jet Card?

The concept of chartering a flight is familiar to most travelers at this point; after all, the ability to charter a flight and skip the commercial hubbub has been around for almost as long as we’ve had planes to fly.

However, the ability to purchase a jet card is a relatively new development. The jet card concept debuted in 1997 as a response to the popularity of fractional ownership. Instead of facing the intricacies and possible complications of owning a jet or being hit with the price fluctuations of charter flights, customers could opt to purchase a jet card that would provide hourly blocks of air time in an aircraft of their choice. Jet cards grant the “card holder” a specified number of hours (typically 25,50,75,100+ hour increments) on a specific aircraft or a certain category or size of aircraft. These hours are redeemable at the jet card member’s discretion.

The main draw of jet cards or jet memberships today is that the traveller can maximize time, have control and yet flexibility in their schedule, to/from destinations and their overall experience. The membership provider will typically streamline the process, the cost of travel, crew, catering and other aspects into a single touchpoint. Research shows that more than half of the aircraft owners also use membership programs to supplement their travel when their aircraft simply isn’t fit for the specific mission or is down due to the scheduled maintenance.

Magellan’s Elevate membership grants the ability to fly anywhere in the world, 365 days per year. It’s risk-free–backed a satisfaction guarantee–and what’s more, it includes ZERO surcharges for fuel, peak days, and interchanging between aircraft. Team at Magellan knows that the travel needs change, so travelers can choose the aircraft that works for their trip and fly how they want, when they want.

Magellan’s members receive ALL-INCLUSIVE pricing every single day along with a top-notch service. The members also fly with the assurance of a dedicated Private Aviation Consultant, Member Services Team, and live flight support provided around the clock.

Click here to learn more about Elevate Membership at Magellan Jets.

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