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Investing In A Sustainable Future

Preserving the environment for our children and future generations is one of my greatest passions. In my last letter, I spoke about 2021 being the year for opportunity—one of those opportunities is for us to work toward a sustainable, green future by capitalizing on exciting new developments in science and technology and creating best-in-the-market initiatives in sustainable aviation.

I recently read a profile of English natural historian and environmentalist David Attenborough in RealLeaders, detailing Attenborough’s efforts to gather business leaders to lead the fight against climate change. He believes business leaders are the ones best positioned to prevent the catastrophic existential threats of climate change by driving smart, innovative green practices. “Humanity has got this far by being the smartest species that has ever lived,” Attenborough says. “But, to endure, we need more than intelligence; we need wisdom.”

At Magellan Jets, we believe we’re demonstrating that wisdom by creating and maintaining a legacy that makes the world a better place to live. We’re continuing to plan green initiatives that will fit our jet card owners, pay-as-you-go members, and on-demand charter clients’ travel needs, making it simple and easy for them to travel sustainably and helping us become industry leaders in providing green private aviation solutions. 

According to Scientific American, air travel accounted for 2.5% of global carbon emissions in 2019. As the National Business Aviation Association notes, private aviation accounts for an even smaller portion of those emissions, and through innovation and technology, the industry has continued to further minimize its carbon output. In that spirit of innovation, through our collaboration with terrapass, we’ve led the way in offering carbon offsets for all of our flights. 

I’m proud of how we’ve led the way in highlighting safe and sustainable travel destinations this year, and how we’ve continued to educate and inform with our Green Travel Guide resource. Now, through our latest partnership, we’ve been able to give our guests access to a fantastic eco-tourism experience in the U.S. Virgin Islands. We’ve teamed up with Little Gem Resorts to bring private jet travelers to their newest luxury resort in the USVI, Lovango

The resort works with the University of the Virgin Islands on their coral reef restoration program, and guests can snorkel along the regenerating reefs and read signage to learn about their rescue, renewal, and care. The process of reef renewal is imperative, as the NOAA says the world has already lost 30-50% of its coral reefs due to pollution and climate change—and hundreds of millions rely on coral reefs for food, livelihood, cultural practices, and economic benefits.

I’ve been friends with Little Gem owners Mark & Gwenn Snider for years and I think the world of their leadership in hospitality and entrepreneurship. Little Gem also owns The Nantucket Hotel, a century-old tradition on the island—so stay tuned, as throughout the year, we’ll announce specific offers for Magellan Jets guests at both Lovango and the Nantucket Hotel.

As we work to make the private aviation industry more sustainable, our field continues to see a post-pandemic boom. Our revenue has increased 60% from Q1 of 2020 to Q1 of 2021, and we’re seeing an increase in first-time flyers looking for a safe and secure alternative to commercial flight. March has been the busiest volume month for at least the past two years—even busier than Q4, when we typically see the highest volume. We’ve seen demand far outweigh supply this quarter, so whether you own your own aircraft, whether you’re in a fractional program with NetJets or Flexjet, or whether you’re in a card owner program with Executive Jet Management or Sentient Jet or Magellan Jets, it is essential to give as much notice as possible when booking your air travel these days. Private air travel volume has grown over the last four months, so make sure you have a program that allows you guaranteed availability. 

As a reminder, you can book and fly with ease using our apps and web portalWe’re continuously working to make our app experience as seamless as possible, and will soon have some exciting new features to share. We have truly appreciated all of the feedback we’ve received around our apps, and our technology and development teams are working to prioritize changes based on that feedback. 

In past letters, I’ve talked about the Magellan Jets family’s return to in-person business in our Boston office after months of working remote, and how much I missed the office. The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way people work, and we strive to innovate and adapt to meet that change, providing a sustainable balance in our work lives. That’s why we are now offering our colleagues the ability to choose one day a week that they can work remotely. It seems our Magellan Jets family is very excited about that, and thus far, it’s been a success! 

Speaking of the Magellan Jets family, it is still growing. We are continuing to invest in creating better client experiences, as well as increasing communication across all channels to ensure our guests are kept abreast of industry updates, safety protocols, and opportunities available through business aviation.

So what’s next in 2021? We’ve been on our sustainability journey for some time, but this is only the beginning. There are exciting developments in sustainable aviation fuels and in the growing field of electric aviation. With Earth Day coming up this month, expect more announcements about our green commitments and plans for the future. We’re excited to share more details of our roadmap and continue representing the voice of the customer in sustainable and eco-friendly private aviation.


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