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Magellan Jets is proud to work with a network of top companies, brands and collaborators in order to create unforgettable experiences for our guests

Blue Sky Luxury Travels

Blue Sky has spent the past decade empowering travelers to plan their tailored, unique dream vacations. With a focus on the Caribbean, Bahamas, Fiji, and Kauai, Blue Sky has expanded to offer luxury experiences around the globe, with guests enjoying outstanding, detailed service. Magellan Jets has partnered with Blue Sky to connect private jet travelers with their array of unforgettable destinations and experiences—including private islands and luxurious villas.

Photo courtesy of Little Gem  Resorts

Experience Iconic Island Lifestyle

Little Gem Resorts offers that quintessential island lifestyle experience. The Nantucket Hotel in Nantucket, and Lovango Key in the USVI offer Magellan’s clients access to the iconic island hospitality in comfort and privacy of their treasured properties.

Explore A Jungle

We’ve teamed up with the world leader in luxury hospitality, Aman Hotel & Resorts and invite you to experience Amanera, a nature-immersed Caribbean retreat on the rugged coast of Dominican Republic and alongside the island’s most exclusive golf course.

Magellan Jets clients receive an EXCLUSIVE COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT with their stay.
Photo courtesy of Amanera, Aman Hotel Resorts
Photo courtesy of Four Seasons Resort Maui

Find Inner Peace At An Island Paradise

Graced with near-perfect weather year-round, your journey with Four Seasons Resort Maui is nothing short of extraordinary, offering picturesque sunsets wrapped in serenity and timeless elegance.

Magellan Jets clients receive a COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT with their stay.

Travel Well & Feel Good

Magellan Jets is proud to collaborate with Terrapass, making green business jet travel a reality for our clients. In addition to offsetting 100% of company operations, Magellan Jets now offers carbon offsetting on all charter flights, memberships and jet cards.

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Private Jet Destinations

Find inspiration for your next trip with our curated guide of private jet destinations. From secluded summer getaways to popular routes for business and leisure, get ready to explore the world again with Magellan Jets and our portfolio of purely private solutions.

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Need some help planning a private flight for your upcoming travel? We have a few ideas. From mountain retreats to island escapes, check out our guides to popular private jet destinations, as well as other important information you need to know this season.

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Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, learn about the most popular private jet destinations in the U.S. Check out our guides for helpful tips on visiting these top destinations across the country.

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Learn about popular routes and the best aircraft for traveling to these top international destinations.

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