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winter weather aircraft engine and snow


Winter storm season brings with it de-icing operations. We continuously work to mitigate de-icing delays and costs by putting aircraft in hangars whenever possible and also pre-positioning aircraft outside of snow events – so your aircraft arrives to pick you up warm and on-time. 

Holiday season brings high demand and high volume, resulting in frequent “flow control” programs and adjustments to departure times called, “Estimated Departure Clearance Times” (or “EDCTS”) – essentially holds on the ground instead of in the air mandated by Air Traffic Control (ATC). We stay in close touch to keep you informed and suggest adjustments to avoid delays. 

High-volume days also bring additional ground and airborne methods used by ATC called Ground Delay Programs (GDPs) and Airspace Flow Programs (AFPs), intended to keep arrivals and departures running smoothly even with poor weather and high volume. We work hard to keep communications fine-tuned to coordinate any requested catering and ground transportation to flex with GDPs and AFPs.


De-icing is a very important safety precaution that should not be avoided or rushed when traveling. Be sure to plan your departure time accordingly if de-icing is probable as it could delay your departure. For more information on what to expect when traveling during winter, see our post on De-icing and What to Expect This Winter Season​. Be sure to discuss these options with your Private Aviation Consultant or a member of our Flight Support Team when booking your travel this winter.​

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