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3 Quick Tips: Private Aviation Terminals

When it comes to the moment they’ve arrived at the airport, seasoned Private Flyers are starting to ask the same thing: What is going on at the FBO these days!?”

FBO stands for Fixed Based Operator, a legacy Aviation Industry Term that is essentially a synonym for Private Aviation Terminal with air and ground services including lounges, rest rooms, parking, aircraft maintenance, etc. This is the place where the Red-Carpet Experience used to happen. Used. To. Happen. Not anymore. Increasingly, there’s no more room to sit and wait for that big operator that’s always running late and no room in the bathroom when the entire plane of business travelers empties out of the packed and hot share-a-plane ride that just arrived. We’ve even observed brief cases getting mixed up and going with the wrong passenger to the wrong destination.

Because of a combination of factors, including a sustained economic upturn and the proliferation of cut-rate and crowded ride-sharing schemes, FBOs are getting a little wild and crowded. So much so, that at high-traffic private aviation airports, the giant fractional companies have taken to pooling the monthly management fees of their aircraft “owners” and building large, opulent FBOs just to keep their customers out of crowded terminals and convinced that there is value in over-paying to wait on “their” airplane. Some companies actually spend time and money making sure that the building you are waiting in for your late aircraft has a calming, signature scent flowing through the building.

There’s a smarter way to navigate the crowds: Allow us to work for you and only you. Our 24/7/365 Flight Support Team has 3 Quick Tips to help even Seasoned Flyers have an Amazing Experience at any Private Aviation Terminal.

1. Expect Outstanding Communication.

Work with a team that understands your communication preferences, and keeps you in the loop in case there are any changes. We will always treat you and your guests as though your flight is the only flight operating today, anywhere. Expect to be in the know and informed with timely, accurate information.

2. Know Before You Go.

Have people you rely on getting you useful information before you leave home, work, or hotel. Our Flight Following process starts long before your flight leaves. You will be informed of any weather on the road or at the airport that might impact your flight, long before the wheels start turning on your ground transportation.

3. Arrive Within Minutes of Departure Time.

Because you can trust that your Flight Support Team is looking after all the details, there seldom is a need for a Private Aviation Terminal. You will be empowered to arrive at the airport within minutes of your departure time, and walk right through the FBO and board your aircraft. Because of how we match operators and aircraft with your specific preferences, you can be assured your airplane will be there, waiting for you, and not the other way around.



Through superior coordination and communication, and attention to the details according to your preferences and not the preferences of someone else’s program, we create a seamless, delay-free private transportation experience one trip at a time. No crowded FBO required.

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