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The Aerion AS2 – The World’s First Supersonic Private Jet

Supersonic travel has been around for quite some time in the commercial space, but has yet to make the move into the private aviation realm. However, Aerion and Lockhead Martin are partnering up to make that a thing of the past and bring the first SuperSonic jet to private travel.

Here’s what to expect from the world’s first supersonic business jet:

The Aerion AS2 is priced at an astounding $120 Million. Billionaire Robert Bass has lead the financial backing behind development of the supersonic jet.

The cabin interior will be fairly similar to regular jets, with two seating areas, a large galley, aft lavatory, and a walk in baggage area.

This will be the first jet that allows you to fly faster than the speed of sound in private aviation. Aerion expects the AS2 to be able to reach a 1.2 Mach cruising speed. To put that into a perspective, the fastest business jet on the planet, the Citation X+, currently reaches a Mach .935.

Aerion will use existing GE Aviation engines to power the aircraft and has partnered with Airbus for additional engineering expertise.

With 12 passengers, the AS2’s max speed can actually get as high 1.4 Mach speed, however the super sonic boom will likely touch the ground, which will bring restrictions when flying to certain locations.

The Aerion AS2 has been in production for almost 15 years. Lockhead Martin, the supersonic juggernaut who delivered both the F-35 fighter jet and the SR-71 Blackbird, joined Aerion in 2018 to bring the AS2 to the finish line.

Foreseen as a trijet, the Aerion AS2 will be able to fly 4,750 nautical miles at Mach 1.4 or over 5,000 nautical miles at Mach 0.95.

Although originally expected to take flight in 2021, the Aerion AS2 is now is aiming for a 2023 first flight with deliveries expected to come two years later in 2025. Aerion has already begun taking orders on pre-sale and hopes this will make it to market as the first supersonic business jet.

To see the full slate of Supersonic aircraft in the works, click below.

Supersonic Travel

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