Bombardier Challenger 600

Bombardier Challenger 600: Everything You Need to Know

As the original aircraft in the 600 series, the Bombardier Challenger 600 offers supreme cabin space and comfort, as well as transcontinental range. This heavy jet has the ability to cross the United States nonstop, saving time and cost-efficiency. Get to know this amazing private jet membership solution.

Ultimate Guide to Bombardier Challenger 600

Spacious Interior

Challenger 600 Interior

This style of private jet is a wide body aircraft with over 8 feet in width. Standard configuration comfortably seats nine to 12 passengers, although the cabin can be configured for as many as 19 travelers. Convenient for business or relaxing, passengers will love the spacious and roomy cabin with low noise and minimal vibration levels.

At 6.1 feet in height and over 28 feet in length, the Bombardier Challenger 600 can be easily maneuvered in mid-flight when you need to stretch or access the 115 cubic foot internal baggage compartment.

Performance & Avionics

Challenger 600 Cockpit

Producing 7,500 pounds of thrust each upon takeoff, the aircraft is equipped with two Avco Lycoming engines and can fly up to 2,800 miles. Within the flight deck, the Sperry analog flight guidance system helps pilots dramatically decrease workload and increase safety with four backup power systems. The system includes the Primus 400 weather radar, dual channel autopilot, navigation system, and other situational awareness systems. Pilots will enjoy flying the Bombardier Challenger 600 for its comfortable and straightforward flight deck systems.

With its transatlantic range and reliable performance, the Bombardier Challenger 600 has been providing seamless travel since its introduction to the market over 30 years ago.

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