Challenger 605

Bombardier Challenger 605

Following several successful generations of the Challenger series, Bombardier continued to implement consumer comments and suggestions to help create the design of the Challenger 605. Pursuing the ultimate private jet experience, the Challenger 605 is a leader in the heavy jet category.

Challenger 605

Cabin Interior

Over six feet tall and seven feet wide, the Challenger 605 is both spacious and accommodating for any business traveler. Typically carrying 10 to 12 passengers, the 605’s cabin consists of a combination of club seating, divan, and individual executive seating. With larger and higher positioned windows, more light flows through the 605’s cabin.

Challenger 605 Interior

In addition to the updated and improved windows, the Challenger 605 gained an improved Ethernet-based management system, as well as larger video monitors, an upgraded galley, better worktables, and more LED lighting.

Performance Details

Two General Electric engines power the Challenger 605, each producing 8,729 pounds of thrust. With the same wings and engines as the Challenger 604, the 605 has similar performance. The 605 can travel over 4,000 nautical miles at a speed of Mach .80.

With better weight distribution and fuel economy, the 605 has better payload performance than its predecessor. Additionally, Bombardier designed the Challenger 605 to have minimal maintenance time periods for fast in and out removal.


Challenger 605 Cockpit

The flight deck is equipped with the advanced Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 suite. With four display screens, the system offers 50% more area. The avionics suite features CNS radios, less weight, and fewer control panels to help streamline pilot workload more efficiently. Additionally, the system has improved pilot interface.

The Challenger 605 maintains many features from its predecessor with improvements for both pilots and passengers. The long-range business jet is perfect for corporate clients and is priced at about $27 million.

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