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Gulfstream G150

As one of the most cost-effective mid jets on the market, Gulfstream’s G150 has impressive range performance, an advanced avionics suite, and a comfortable cabin. Originally entering into service in 2006, the G150 is still just as capable of providing reliable service on non-stop flights between most coastal U.S. cities.

The G150 can seat up to seven passengers in a cabin that is 12 inches wider than its predecessor. The wide cross section adds more head and shoulder room, improving comfort and mobility inside the aircraft. The aircraft provides three seating configurations that are ideal for both business and relaxation. The “Executive” seating style has a club section and two forward facing chairs. The “Universal” features a single forward facing chair, a two-place divan, and a four-seat club section. Finally, the “Hallmark” seating arrangement has two facing chairs, a divan, and a rear club section. Additionally, there is 55 cubic feet of external baggage space and another 25 cubic feet of luggage storage in the cabin.

Two Honeywell engines power the aircraft, each providing 4,420 pounds of thrust. The G150 has a range of 2,760 miles at its long-range cruise speed of 430 mph. Its runway performance is optimal because of the aircraft’s high-lift system. It can operate on runways as short as 5,012 feet. The G150 consumes fuel at about the same rate as a much smaller Learjet 45, adding to its impressive features.

Pilots enjoy flying the G150 because of the flight deck experience. Rockwell Collins Proline 21 Avionics System is featured in the cockpit. Four 12×10 inch flight displays provide crucial information to pilots to enhance performance and decision making.

With improvements made from its predecessor and constant reliability, it’s no wonder the Gulfstream G150 has been delivered to customers since 2006. The G150 is priced at about $15 million.

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