Gregory Belezerian, Founder and Vice President | Magellan Jets
Greg Belezarian

Gregory Belezerian, Founder and Vice President

Before securing his role as Vice President of Magellan Jets, Gregory Belezerian garnered experience in the world of finance as an analyst and financial advisor. In 2002, Belezerian brought those skills to as a sales associate, and his leadership helped grow to a $42 million company. In his six years at, he led the sales team as Senior Vice President in drastically increasing and sustaining their growth.

In 2008, Belezerian joined his colleagues, Joshua Hebert and Anthony Tivnan, as founder and Vice President of Magellan Jets. As VP, he works in close collaboration with the executive team to manage the company’s development. Belezerian is certified by Alpha One Pilot School in Plymouth Mass and supports Dana Farber’s Jimmy Fund. In his free time, Belezerian enjoys playing baseball, which he has a strong affinity for thanks to his post-college baseball career.


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