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Pilot Review: Hawker 800XP

Replacing the Hawker 800 in 1995, the Hawker Beechcraft Hawker 800XP is similar in quality but offers improved capabilities and performance. Even though production for this aircraft ended in 2005, there are still hundreds of Hawker 800XPs in operation today and the aircraft is considered one of the most successful in the private jet market.


As a third generation model of the Hawker 800 series, the 800XP has improved cargo capacities, updated systems, and overall better performance. Two Allied Signal engines power the aircraft, each with the capability of delivering 4,660 pounds of thrust during takeoff. With a top altitude of 41,000 feet, the Hawker 800XP can easily avoid air traffic and bad weather conditions. At a maximum range of 2,540 nm, the 800XP can fly long distances such as New York to LA, or Singapore to Beijing.

Reaching 37,000 feet in only twenty minutes, the 800XP can fly at a high speed cruise of 447 knots. For long range cruise speeds, the jet can fly at 39,000 feet at a speed of 400 knots. Additionally, the 800XP has the unique ability to take off on shorter runways than most private jet international flights, allowing for greater access to more airports.


Capable of seating up to eight passengers, the 800XP has upgraded interiors and features a four-person club section, a divan that seats three, and one forward-facing seat. Not only do the seats provide ample comfort to passengers, but they are also fully adjustable and have the capability of rotating 360 degrees.

The 800XP’s cabin is over 21 feet long and is one of the most spacious in its category with a height of 5’11’’ and a width of 6 feet. A 48 cubic foot baggage compartment can be accessible in flight as an added convenience for passengers and can fit 6-8 suitcases and 3-5 golf bags.

H800XP interior

Improved Flight Systems

With an updated avionics system, features include GPS, high frequency communications, a ground proximity warning system, a traffic collision avoidance system, and dual autopilot. Five screens within the cockpit display system and flight information for pilots, improving operations and efficiency.

With a quiet and spacious cabin and long or short range capability, it is easy to see why the Hawker 800XP is one of the most popular mid-size jets in the world. Combining value, safety, comfort, and efficiency, the 800XP is both versatile and convenient. 

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