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The Magellan Jets blog is your go-to resource for all things related to private jet travel, the aviation industry, and even more. 

Citation X vs. Challenger 300 exterior runway photo

Challenger 300 vs. Citation Latitude

The Bombardier Challenger 300 and Cessna Citation Latitude are two great private jet options for those seeking a smooth, comfortable, and direct coast-to-coast flight. Despite

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g280 vs challenger 300 private jet

Challenger 300 vs. Gulfstream G280

Both in the super midsize jet category, the Challenger 300 and Gulfstream G280 have similarities in fuel efficiency, size, and advanced avionics. Although fairly similar

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Audi Airbus – Pop Up Next

“Audi, Airbus and Italdesign are presenting for the first time a flying and driving prototype car called Pop.Up Next.” This is an idea of a

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The Super Versatile PC-24

The Pilatus PC-24 is deemed the worlds “Super Versatile Jet.” Featuring access to over 200,000 airports around the world, the PC-24 will make any landing

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The Global 5500

With the launch of the newest series of Global Business Jets in 2019, Bombardier is defining a new class of business aviation. Offering wide cabin

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Cessna Citation X

Once known as the fastest mid-sized jet in the world, the Cessna Citation X is only less in terms of speed compared to its successor,

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Gulfstream G150

As one of the most cost-effective mid jets on the market, Gulfstream’s G150 has impressive range performance, an advanced avionics suite, and a comfortable cabin.

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Cessna Citation CJ3+

Cessna’s Citation CJ3+ is a light jet that offers powerful performance with consistent reliability on every flight. With room for up to seven passengers and

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Gulfstream G IV

With new advancements and upgraded technology, the Gulfstream G IV offers more than its previous siblings. The G IV is the fourth installation in the

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Gulfstream G450

As an iconic and popular Gulfstream aircraft, the G450 offers long-range capabilities and comfort. Designed for business productivity, the G450 is so well-equipped that it

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Gulfstream G400

As a staple aircraft in the Gulfstream family, the G400 is a heavy jet providing constant reliability and unbeatable performance. First delivered in 1987, the

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Global Express XRS

Introduced in 2003, the Global Express XRS is an upgraded version of its predecessor, the Global Express. With greater range and an improved design, the

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Gulfstream G500

Successfully completing its first flight in May of 2015, the new Gulfstream G500 is scheduled to reach FAA certification near the end of 2017. The

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The Innovative HondaJet

At the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) this week, HondaJet announced it would expand sales of the aircraft to Southeast Asia in an

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Pilot Review: Citation XLS

Outperforming most midsize private jets, Cessna’s Citation XLS is an updated version of the Citation Excel with increased speed and range. Offering constant reliability and

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