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Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach focuses on bringing artists from all over the world together. Art Basel started in Basel Switzerland, and serves to bring the

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Viewing the November Supermoon

This weekend, the biggest and brightest supermoon in 70 years will take over the sky. On November 14th, the moon will be the closest to Earth it has been since 1948. You won’t want to miss it, because a supermoon this close won’t be happening again until 2034.

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East Hampton Airport Noise Curfew In Effect

In response to the numerous noise complaints from sleep-deprived Long Island residents, East Hampton Town imposed nighttime curfews on all aircraft flying in and out of East Hampton Airport between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. For louder aircraft such as helicopters and larger private jets, the curfew is set between 8 p.m. to 9 a.m.

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How Dirty is a Commercial Plane? The Truth Revealed!

How Dirty is a Commercial Plane?
Magellan Jets well- respected friend Dr Robert Glatter, an emergency doctor at New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital told the show , sat down with The Today Show today and discussed the shocking truth around how dirty commercial airlines truly are!
If you thought the bathrooms you share on a plane are risky, you’ll be stunned at these latest findings.

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NEW Learjet 75 Due to Debut at EBACE

Bombardier’s new Learjet 75 jet came to life for the first time last month. Bombardier on Friday announced the first production model of its new Learjet 75 will debut this month at the European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland. The new Learjet 75 soars high above the competition, literally. This brand new private jet is an upgraded version of the Learjet 45. The new design was first announced at EBACE in May 2012, along with the Learjet 70, an upgraded version of the Learjet 40. This year we will see it come to life!

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Magellan Jets Acquires SkyBridge Private Air to Meet Demand on West Coast

Leading East Coast private jet broker merges with West Coast charter pioneer; expanding their National presence to meet members’ needs
BOSTON, MA – February 20, 2013 – Magellan Jets, leader in private aviation, announced the acquisition of California-based SkyBridge Private Air. SkyBridge is the pioneer of on-demand charter, ranked Best-of-the Best by the “Robb Report.” SkyBridge’s founders, Jason Moskowitz and Michael Napoliello, were the first to introduce the non-committal on-demand charter program to the market which they called their “One-Way-OK!” service. Magellan is excited to grow and manage SkyBridge’s charter department by now offering aircraft availability with as little as ten hours’ notice, an average aircraft age of five years or less, and expert concierge service 24 hours a day/365 days a year. Additionally, Magellan will offer SkyBridge clients membership services including 25 Hour Jet Cards and their exclusive 10 Hour VLJ Card. These are simplistic and flexible product-based alternatives that SkyBridge’s clientele have been seeking.

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Magellan Jets Introduces First Ever WIFI JET CARD

The Essential Accessory to Serious Business Travelers across the Country
BOSTON, MA – March 13, 2013 – Magellan Jets, leader in private aviation, announces the first ever WIFI JET CARD, the latest addition to their growing list of options available for their customers to further enhance their travel experience. Providing fast and secure internet service on board premium, late-model aircraft, the WIFI JET CARD makes it easier than ever to stay connected.
The WIFI JET CARD keeps Magellan Jets’ clients connected and doing business without interruptions during travel. Having your own WIFI JET CARD in your wallet can mean the difference between you and the competition closing the deal. WIFI JET CARD holders are guaranteed Wi-Fi equipped aircraft on Mid-Size and Super-Mid jets, aircraft year 2000 or newer, guaranteed availability with 24 hours’ notice and the highest standards of safety, security, and personal service.

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Magellan Jets Expands Into Russia

Magellan Jets, leader in private aviation, increased their sales by 32% in 2012 and continues to expand their global presence in 2013 to meet the increasing demand for private jet charter to and from the U.S.
Magellan Jets has recently partnered with the Russian Service Bureau (RSB Travel) in a Strategic Partnership that will benefit both companies’ valued clients. Magellan Jets will work with RSB Travel to better assist Russian VIPs with booking private travel to the U.S and within the US. RSB has been an industry leader in providing everything from hotels, villas, yachts, private aircraft, security, guides etc. to clients traveling from Russia and other points in Eastern Europe.

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Remembering Steve Jobs

We’d like to take this opportunity to remember one of the true visionaries and drivers of our modern world: Steve Jobs. The Associate Press reported

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Could this be the 797? Boeing Granted Bizarre Patent

Boeing was granted US patent Number 7,900,865 on March 8, 2011 for an incredibly unique and revolutionary type of aircraft. With a design the likes of which have never been seen in the commercial aircraft industry, Boeing may just be gearing up for the 797, the 737’s successor. The patent includes the following design features:

  • Canard elevators on the forward fuselage.
  • An elliptical wide body fuselage that could accommodate twin aisles.
  • Wings mounted at the 10 and 2 o’clock position on the rear fuselage.
  • Forward swept wings with a forward wing sweep of 15 to 19 degrees.
  • Engines mounted on pylons at the rear of the fuselage.
  • The rear fuselage and wings extended to form a horizontal stabilizer and elevator.
  • Two canted vertical stabilizers
  • Main landing gear contained in the rear fuselage
  • The design can accommodate high bypass turbofans, counter-rotating prop jets or turboprop engines.
  • Engine location above the fuselage and surrounded by vertical stabilizers to reduce engine noise.

The image below from Boeing’s patent application shows what the new aircraft could look like.

Strange, yes, but there are many design aspects which will enhance the passenger experience for travelers around the world. The placement of the engines is sure to create the quietest cabin in the skies, as well as the quietest aircraft to those on the ground. With wings in the rear of the aircraft, incredible views will be afforded to passengers throughout the cabin.
Boeing has said nothing to confirm that this will be the 797, but rumors have it that the manufacturer and airlines have had discussions that a 737 replacement will have twin aisles for increased passenger comfort.
To view the patent which has incredible number of informative images, click here.

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