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Green Travel carbon offsets

In a new piece on sustainability in private aviation from Sherpa Report, the publication features Magellan Jets’ carbon offset solutions, which the premier private aviation provider offers through a partnership with industry leader Terrapass. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Magellan Jets has partnered with carbon offset company Terrapass so that guests have the option of offsetting their emissions when flying. Since 2004, Terrapass has helped to reduce greenhouse gases equivalent to billions of pounds of CO2 with its support of alternative power sources and landfill gas reclamation projects.

Terrapass, a U.S.-based, third-party audited and certified offset company, uses carbon credits to directly fund reputable, renewable energy and greenhouse gas projects, such as wind power and landfill gas capture initiatives. As the first company to invest in understanding emissions on an aircraft-specific basis, Terrapass is undeniably the industry leader on carbon offsetting solutions. Through the partnership, Magellan Jets offers their clients the ability to offset their air travel across all solutions in the company’s aviation portfolio, in any amount that can be measured and that the client deemnecessary. 

Sherpa Report also features Magellan’s Green Travel Guide, a helpful resource that covers topics that pertain to the environmental effects of the transportation industry. 

Click here to learn more about Magellan Jets’ partnership with Terrapass, and click below to read the full article on sustainability efforts in the private aviation industry. 

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