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From the Cockpit Episode 2: Corporate Responsibility and Flying Private

In From the Cockpit episode 2, Magellan Jets President Anthony Tivnan and Chief Operating Officer Todd Weeber return to the Magellan Jets podcast for another coronavirus situation report. In this episode, the Magellan Jets leaders discuss flying private and the theme of corporate responsibility. The podcast also covers the critical roles private aviation play during this crisis (including some good news courtesy of the New England Patriots), how companies can be responsible with their business use, as well as addressing a few frequently asked questions. Listen to the full episode below.

Magellan Jets Podcast: From The Cockpit Episode 2

From the Cockpit episode 2 features an in-depth discussion between Magellan Jets President Anthony Tivnan and Chief Operating Officer Todd Weeber on the topic of corporate responsibility. The executives began the chat by dispelling a few myths about private aviation. As they point out, it’s not all “champagne wishes and caviar dreams.”

“I don’t think there’s been a time certainly that I can remember where that narrative could be further from the truth,” says Tivnan. “If you look at how private aviation is serving the world right now, it’s not the flights of movie stars sipping champagne and eating caviar.”

“It’s a lot of relief flights, it’s a lot of emergency personnel,” he adds. “It’s a lot of moving essential colleagues, supplies, equipment.”

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Private Aviation Steps Up

Specifically, Tivnan gives Robert Kraft and the New England Patriots kudos for using their private jet to bring a million masks to the U.S., an example of how private aviation is helping others during this time.

He goes on to highlight how Magellan Jets is also supporting businesses and families in need of essential travel. Tivnan also thanks all the millions of people employed by private aviation. He commended their tireless work ensuring everyone’s health and safety.

“It’s certainly a proud moment and proud time to be apart of private aviation,” says Tivnan. “I personally want to thank everybody involved, not just at Magellan Jets, but the folks that wake up everyday and are literally putting their lives on the line by going to work, whether that be the air traffic controllers, the line guys, the fuel truck personnel, the catering companies.”

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Corporate Responsibility

In addition to moving critical cargo and personnel, private aviation also serves essential functions for businesses.

As Weeber outlines, companies must be responsible with their business jet use during these uncertain times. They must ensure it’s only for important missions that keep the economy moving. An example would be taking a CEO and their team “to another part of the country or the world to get business done in a way that the airlines cannot do or will not do due to travel restrictions.”

“9 out of 10 flights are to get a business mission done,” says Weeber. “To get a crucial economic development deal complete or actually movie critical workers and/or equipment from one place to another in the country.”

He goes on to detail how businesses are being responsible by choosing private aviation instead of commercial travel at this time, since private jets provides an extra layer of safety for critical travel, further protecting passengers from possible exposures.

Listen to the full Magellan Jets podcast above to hear more about corporate responsibility, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

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